Monday, 22 October 2012

Sŵn 2012

I have had the craziest week ever.  Had to be separated from my long suffering MacBook so it could get fixed by Apple, worked 2 late shifts and then the best bit that I want to talk about in this post: Sŵn Festival.

Sŵn is Welsh for sound (pronounced: 'soon') and the festival is curated by BBC Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens and Cardiff-based promoter John Rostron.  Sŵn is a 4 day festival that takes place in all the different venues around Cardiff, from the Student's Union to Clwb Ifor Bach and in the basements of bars.  It's a really fantastic opportunity because Cardiff has amazingly varied venues so you get to be really close and personal to the artists.  I absolutely love Cardiff and Sŵn is all about celebrating what Cardiff has to offer and music that comes from Wales. 

I worked 2 different venues over the weekend and got to see some amazing bands.  My highlights probably include seeing We Were The Evergreen playing to a full house, Sweet Baboo and Fear of Men.  Working till 3 in the morning on two nights was grueling but: work hard, play hard.  The Sŵn after party called 'Dim Sŵn' (Welsh for no noise) was intense to say the least.  Volunteers got to drink what was left over from the band riders.  So free beer all night.  Hard to beat.  I'm writing this lying in bed suffering from a tequila related headache (the tequila was free too...).

I love live music and how it brings people together.  I love that moment when you see a band in a tiny venue and you fall in love with them.  Being part of a group of people that make things happen was incredibly rewarding.  Everyone is a little mad (my venue supervisor saw Nirvana live at Reading in 1992 so when I was 1 year old) but it's just so much fun.  My dream job would be working in the music industry so this was a great taste of where I could go if I work my behind off.  Working Sŵn was incredibly hard but so rewarding I wish I'd done it before.  It's so worth coming to Cardiff for this festival I really can't recommend it enough!


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