Monday, 15 October 2012


I decided to treat myself with my first payday so I hit up the MAC counter in Debenhams on the weekend.  It was hard not to get swayed into the limited edition collection and buy another slightly different version of So Chaud or Morange.  I have far too many orange lipsticks, it's becoming a real problem.  With winter approaching faster than I'd like, I decided to go for something totally different this time and see how a purple berry lipstick would work.  Turns out it works pretty well.  The MAC girl was very sweet and was all flattery telling me my brown/green eyes looked even more green with purple lipstick.  Who am I to resist the charms of MAC make up artists?

I ended up buying Rebel, in the tube the lipstick looks pretty much black.  I was a little put off at first but once I tried it on I loved it.  Rebel comes out as a very warm berry.  With a lip liner it looks more vampish for evening time, for daytime you can wear it just dabbed on so it's not so full on.  I'm pretty much in love with this lipstick and it might replace my good old Morange for the time being.


  1. That jumper is amazing the the lipstick it such a gorgeous shade! xx

  2. Really love the jumper too! and the lippie looks a perfect shade for winter :) xx

  3. the colour really suits you :)
    you have lovely glossy hair <3 x

  4. your sweater is so cute! i love that shade on you, lovely.

    lindsey louise

  5. Ooh it is quite a nice colour! I can never resist the flattery of sales assistants, haha. You look so cute and cosy in your jumper, haha.


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