Monday, 26 November 2012

Hometown Glory

July 2010

Two years ago I made the trip over the Atlantic to Canada alone.  I was actually born in Montreal whilst my dad finished up his PHD there.  They moved away just before my first birthday and I hadn't been back since then.  I went back to Montreal for the first time in summer of 2010, we don't have any family over there but my godmother lives there and seeing her was incredible.  She's one of those women that really inspires me.

I've been thinking more and more about Canada recently.  Graduating in July and not really knowing what form the future is taking makes me think of all the places I call home, and all the places I've seen.  I loved Canada (once I got over the terrible jet lag).  The Americas are obviously very very different to Europe and sometimes I struggled with that.  Canada felt so vast and big compared to the UK.  I got to go to Toronto and Warped Tour.  Being in the city I was born in was incredibly touching because my parents loved living there and really missed it when they moved back to Europe.  

Apologies for the slightly nostalgic post but it's important to look back at good memories.

More soon


  1. These photos are lovely and the stir fry looks delish, I really want to visit Canada one day :) ox

  2. I'd love to visit Canada one day - I have family in Vancouver x x

  3. I love your blog!! Just discovered it through thelondoner, such amazing photos!
    If you have a spare moment I would be so grateful if you could check out mine and give me ur opinion on it!
    Keep up the great work x


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