Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thrifty finds

So I thought I'd share this post with you.  A while back I talked about how much I really like investing in vintage and thrifted clothes.  For me it's important because I feel like I'm being more sustainable with my wardrobe because I'm reusing clothes rather than buying a new seasonal wardrobe from Primark.

My obsession with thrifting started whilst I was on my year abroad in France last year.  Every Sunday I went to the flea market with friends.  It started off as something to cure the Sunday boredom with (nothing happens in France on Sunday mornings), but on my first trip I picked up some fantastic things for next to nothing and so it became a weekly thing.  Most of the jumpers never cost more than 5 Euros.  It's exciting rifling through a massive pile of clothes and finding some gems.  Feels like a real achievement.  My favorite find is the striped jumper in the third picture.  I wrote it constantly in France and I'm probably going to get some more wear out of it this winter.

Do you guys have any favorite thirty finds?

More soon


  1. wow you've found some amazing knits, they all look in good condition too! the blouse with the birds is great too x x

  2. The cardigans *_* I love them all!

  3. Great thrifty finds! Your blog is adorable x

  4. Oh wow such brill finds! Vintage and charity shops definitely come up trumps in the knitwear department, I think all of my chunky knits are pre-loved! Especially love that b&w one, and that duck print shirt *dies* ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. wow you got some awesome stuff! the jumpers are beautiful. i work in river island and they sell a near exact same duck print shirt in the mens section! although yours is alot cuter ;) xx


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