Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I've been umming and ahhing over whether or not to buy a Kindle for the longest time so my other half made the decision for me and got me one for Christmas.   I'm a book fiend, I love owning a well stocked bookshelf and love reading.  But I travel a lot and have limited luggage allowance, at Christmas it's an especially close call when I bring Christmas presents home and when there's essays that need writing.  A Kindle makes taking a load of books home so much easier.  I've already downloaded my course books for next semester and some journals that I need to write my essays with.  It's so easy and literally light reading.  

There is no way having a Kindle is going to stop me buying books though it just makes traveling so much easier.

Do you guys own a Kindle? Any books you can recommend me?

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  1. Oh, great! Unfortunately I don't have a kindle, but I think I will have an iPad soon that will be used for this purpose and for others. Instead, I am very sedentary, wish I could travel more. Hope to achieve this goal when finished my studies, The Remembrall , xo.

  2. I actually won my kindle at last years staff christmas party and intended on selling it but i changed my mind and i would be lost without it now, so much more convenient to travel with and it takes like 5 seconds to buy a book and get it delivered. I recommend them to everyone.



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