Monday, 18 February 2013

I am on a lonely road and I am traveling

Blouse: TopShop.  Cardigan: French fleamarket.  Shorts: Pull & Bear.

With the weekly drudgery of university firmly steaming ahead I've become very boring when it comes to outfits.  I'd much rather have ten minutes extra in bed than standing in front of my wardrobe trying to get creative.  This TopShop blouse has been pretty much glued to me.  It's thin enough to wear under my breton long sleeves so it's mostly likely going to make several appearances again.  My Pull & Bear shorts from my Montpellier days are looking a little worse for wear and I might have to retire them for spring, they are impossibly short and indecent without tights.  I don't want to be one of 'those' girls who seem to forget that shorts are meant to cover your bum cheeks.

This past week I have been in constant pain after my personal training session last Monday.  It took me so much longer to walk anywhere because my muscles wouldn't move.  It appears I'm a glutton for punishment because I have another session today.  I'm paying for these sessions and I'm determined to be two dress sizes smaller than I am now by May.  Dieting is not fun.  Sadface.  I've given up biscuits and crisps for lent and I'm trying to drink green tea every day. However my personal trainer is a sweetheart and he's trying to make 'fitness fun' but that could be much harder for him than anticipated.

The past week has been quite tough (I had a meltdown in work on Saturday, I think I need a new job...) so I'm throwing myself into the gym and trying to keep my spirits up.  The recent sunshine in Wales has been lifting my spirits.  I can't wait for spring!

More soon


  1. My excuse for staying in bed a bit longer is trying to think up what to wear for the day, haha! Good luck with working out... I've started running and I could hardly walk the day after my first session.

    Hope this week of uni goes well <3

  2. i love your cardi, and good luck on the fitness front - just think of the end result! ox

  3. in love with the whole outfit!

  4. This doesn't look like a thrown together outfit to me!! Cute post! :)


  5. i know how you feel in the morning, when i have to wake up early i sometimes just grap whatever is in front of me and go! sometimes i makes some very weird outfits! and good luck for your working out, it's always a bit hard at first but you'll be thrilled when you'll see the results! keep up the good work :)


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