Thursday, 21 February 2013

Let's get old together, Let's be unhappy forever

 T-shirt: Primark mens.  Shirt: TopShop.  Cardigan: Vintage.  Jeans: TopShop.  Boots: Vintage.

I told you guys this blouse would become a wardrobe staple for me.  It's pretty much my go to blouse.  For now it's being layered with almost every single top I own, this particular one is from the boys section in Primark.  I tend to prefer the things for the boys than for the girls especially their basic t-shirts, such good value and they tend to wash pretty well.  The cardigan is from Cardiff Fashion Quarter (see post HERE) and I adore it to pieces.  It's so ugly it's amazing right?  My style is pretty much simple comfort meets eccentric old lady when it comes down to the crunch.  I have a thing for ugly clothes as well.

I'm busy reading to keep on top of my course reading and so far Lady Audley's Secret is keeping me entertained.  Hopefully the other half and me are booking a city break soon so I have something to look forward to in my reading week (only two weeks now!).

Keeping in theme with my personal trainer developments: my stomach muscles hurt every time I laugh (hard not to when watching a super awkward Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents episode). Turns out my personal trainer thinks there's muscles under all my belly fat and he's getting me to work my 'core'.  I'm not convinced I have one yet.

More soon


  1. love love love this cardi, and your outfit is beaut, definitely something I'd wear :) haha you'll definitely find your core one day! ox

  2. I like the collar on your shirt! I've taken to browsing in the men's section as well, I feel like there's lots of potential in there - especially because I've found there's more stuff left over in their section during the sales!

  3. Your pan collar looks SO cute here! And I love love love that cardi!

    Lost in the Haze: A Fashion Photography Blog

  4. I prefer some of the mens clothes half the time when I'm shopping, especially when it comes to jumpers and cardigans! Good luck with the training! I'm rubbish at exercise but I should really give it a go more often


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