Friday, 1 February 2013

Something Good Can Work

Another week, another castle.  This time in Cardiff, and because I live here I didn't have to pay an entrance fee, so highly recommended to all you Cardiff lot who still haven't seen it.  The weather for once was lovely, no snow and instead beautiful clear skies and even a bit of sunshine.  Cardiff Castle isn't as beautiful as Caerphilly but I think that was because the snow made it so magical.  Cardiff Castle has the advantage that the Castle Apartments are beautiful, especially the Arab Room. We also saw little owls, one looked very much like a baby Hedwig and Pigwidgeon (Harry Potter geek over here and proud Hufflepuff).  Far too cute.

My housemate and I wanted to have a nice little day out together.  My return to uni has been exhausting.  I overestimated how much energy I have to share between my uni work and my part time job.  I'm working during the Wales Ireland six nations rugby match tomorrow which I'm already dreading slightly, so today we've had a lazy day to take my mind off it.  After the castle we settled back at home and watched The King and I.  It's so important to take time out to take a little breather.

Hope you all have a lovely start into your weekend, keep your fingers crossed for a Welsh win tomorrow it'll make my life far easier!

More soon


  1. Yess more castles! And wait, are those real owls? I find real life owls a little creepy, haha.

    Good luck with work and uni work, sounds like you've been quite busy!

  2. such beautiful photos! Love this post ♥


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