Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ladies who brunch

Dress: Zara.  Bag: Furla (stolen off Mama A.)

My brother has gone on a ski trip for his Spring Break and my dad is on a field trip for work, meaning my mum and I were left to our own devices today.  So we decided to treat ourselves and head out to one of our favourite hotels in Muscat for brunch - The Chedi.  Brunch is always a good idea, and it's an even better idea when it's a ladies outing.  The drawback: I always eat too much, it's the dessert section that gets me.  But today I exercised some mild restrained (chiefly fuelled by the fact that I know my personal trainer will kick my ass when I'm back in Cardiff).  Mama A had Eggs Florentine and I had my all time favourite: French toast.  All washed down with Earl Grey and mountains of fresh fruit.  Heaven.

The Chedi is a really beautiful hotel in central Muscat (the new part not the old town), it's right by the coast and has it's own private beach.  I came here once when I was younger and was blown away by the fact that it has a heated pool - a total novelty in Oman where we currently have 28 degrees.  The surroundings of the hotel are stunning.  There's are definite zen and Japanese influences that went into the decoration and the gardens but you can't escape the obvious Arab feel of the place: big on hospitality, luxury and comfort.  Three things I particularly enjoy in life.

As you can see I'm still pretty pale in these pictures.  There was a good 20 degrees temperature difference from what I left behind in Wales and what greeted me when I got off the plane here.  The weather shock made me pretty sick so this was my first 'real' outing since I got back.  I'm planning on making up for lost time and intend to spend the rest of my time here at the beach attempting to get into the Game of Thrones books.

More soon! Hope you all enjoy your Easter time


  1. love your dress and the food looks sooo yummy! xo

  2. Adore the colour of your dress Nina, and your photos are beautiful! I love the interior of the restaurant! (:

  3. That looks so gorgeous! Brunch is my favourite kind of meal.

  4. This place looks so nice! And the brunch looks really good, yum. Have a good easter!

  5. these photos are beautiful! sounds like you had a wonderful time, and your dress is lovely :) wish i was in that heat right now ox

  6. Amazing pictures! I'm in love with your blog and your pictures. I follow you!

  7. Oh my gosh it looks amazing there! Really jealous of the sun!


  8. These photos are so so gorgeous! Brunch is the BEST meal, no question. And you look really lovely! x

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  9. i felt like i was traveling with you through these lovely photos!


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