Saturday, 23 March 2013

MAC Daddy's Little Girl

I know I know, another lipstick.  I'm angry at myself for falling for the MAC limited edition AGAIN.  Don't even get me started on the limited edition orange based collection that Haley William from Paramore will be doing with them (gimme gimme that orange lipstick!!!) soon.  The Archie's Girls collection came out whilst I was in France and I wandered into MAC on my last day there and fell for this shade instantly.  The lipsticks in my collection are brights, if you're going to wear lipstick it might as well stand out is my thinking. 

This is an interesting shade, in the bullet it looks much darker and more purple.  On the lips it's a lovely shade of pinky/purple.  Warm berry would be the way I'd describe it, much lighter than Rebel so it's a bit more daytime friendly.  It's unlike any shade that I have in my ever growing collection so it's a welcome addition.  The finish is Satin so it's got full coverage without it being too drying like some of their Matte finishes can be.  This also stains the lips a little which I quite like because it actually lasts through eating so I don't have to constantly retouch it.

Lipstick is my main beauty vice and mine are nearly all from MAC.  I just love the quality, colour varieties and they smell gorgeous.  I was contemplating also buying Ronnie Red but it's essentially the same shade as Russian Red or MAC Red, so if you missed out on this collection check those shades out!

I'm back in sunny and warm Oman (27 degrees!) since last night.  I'm doing battle with my jet lag but very much looking forward to my birthday on Monday.

More soon


  1. I love MAC lipsticks too. That colour really suits you :) xxx

  2. oooh i love that shade, i am so tempted to get one! xo

  3. Such a beautiful colour! It really suits you Nina, I wish I had the patience to snap up MAC collection items hahah. x

  4. Oh that packaging is so cute! It's a nice colour too, it looks good on you. Hope you manage to sleep the jetlag off before Monday :)

  5. I love that colour! Where is your blouse from it's lovely! xo

  6. So unbelievable cute! I would so buy that lipstick. It's a great color on you ♥

    xx, Jackie

  7. I love this colour and the name of it, sounds slightly Lolitaesque ahah <3


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