Saturday, 2 March 2013

Our taste is violence

Dress: ASOS.  Tights: Falke.  Boots: BooHoo. Watch: Ever Ours

So going on holiday next week seemed justification enough for me to browse ASOS with my debit card in hand.  I've never ordered from ASOS before, I much prefer trying clothes on to see what the fit is like.  Being barely 5ft tall and having 'birthing hips' (as my mother calls them) means that clothes, especially dresses, tend look pretty bad on me.  This dress was a gamble but I thought how badly can a tea dress look on me? The answer is not too shabby.  I don't own any navy dresses and the collar clinched it for me, as well as the fact that I can notice my weight-loss: it's a size 10.  Happy days!  

I stumbled across a fantastic Welsh band called Little Arrow whilst browsing in Spillers (the oldest record shop in the world est. 1894) and I've been listening to them nonstop.  Give them a listen here you won't be disappointed.

It's t-minus 4 days until I say "au revoir Pays de Galles" and "Bonjour Paris!".  I'm obsessively reading my guide book and planning a day by day itinerary like the organised German that I am.    Too much excitement! 

More soon


  1. that is the cutest watch! Love the print on the dress too =) xx

  2. I am the same height as you and ordering clothes online is always a stress for me)) This dress is lovely on you,btw))

  3. Awww so many people I know are in Paris at the moment! It must be the "place to be" right now :) Love your watch, how adorable xxx

  4. Gorgeous dress!

  5. I love your cat watch! So adorable.

  6. Aww, I miss Spillers now that I don't live in Cardiff :(

  7. This dress is gorgeous! I'm not a cat fan but that watch I'm definitely a fan of, cute blog!! X


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