Saturday, 16 March 2013

"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's."

These are the last pictures from my Paris trip I promise! I'm wistfully looking at all the photos wishing I was still there and not in rainy Cardiff trying to write an essay on the importance of Arthurian Literature in European Culture.  Sigh.

Our last full day started with a super early rise meaning that we almost had Montmartre and the  Sacré-Cœur to ourselves, just as it should be.  I felt like I was in Amelie (if you've gone your life so far without seeing that film you have really missed out).  We then trekked across town to Père Lachaise Cemetery (the largest cemetery in Paris) to visit Chopain, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf.  My mother was a HUGE Jim Morrison fan growing up and when she was about my age she went to visit his grave in Paris and was actually allowed to go up to the grave.  There is a fence around his grave now because Doors fans go there to drink, party etc so you're not allowed anywhere near it which is a shame.  Same goes for Oscar Wilde's grave.  I adore Oscar Wilde so it was very moving to see his grave.  Apparently one of his last words were "This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One of us has to go".

After the cemetery we headed to Breakfast in America to power up on some lunch.  The food there was amazing, highly recommended if you're ever in need of a good burger and milkshake.  It was good we ate as much as we could because I then dragged my long suffering boyfriend to the Kilo Store, which as the name gives away is a vintage shop where you buy items by weight. I will do a post to show you my purchases soon.  Basically it was my kind of heaven.  We rounded our day off with a lovely visit to Shakespeare & Company.  It's worth saying that if you're going there to seriously shop for books get there early because it's so popular and crowded it's impossible to shop for books peacefully (the way it should be done).  It's still lovely nonetheless.  It makes me wish we had more independent bookshops in Cardiff, all we really have is Waterstones and WHSmith.

Our Paris visit was over far too quickly and there are still so many places I want to visit, we didn't even make it inside any of the museums but that's a perfect excuse to come back as far as I'm aware.  I hope you've enjoyed these photos!

As I'm sure most of you are aware there's been a mass exodus to Bloglovin because GFC is being taken down in July so if you want to hear more of my rambling then please head over HERE and follow me to stay updated.

Hope life is treating you all well


  1. Paris was one of my favourite cities I have ever visited. Great pictures and amazing blog congrats :)

  2. You got some nice pictures from the Sacre-Couer, when we went it was sunny but also really hazy! I loved the area around Montmartre as well, it's so charming. That vintage store sounds awesome, looking forward tos eeing what you picked up in there.

  3. OH MY GAAADD YOU WENT TO AMELIE'S CAFE!!! It's one of my fave films and I soooo want to go there!! x

  4. I love Montmartre! Best part of Paris or what? I never found AMELIE'S CAFE, but I'll have to scoop it out next time I go!

    Sarah XxX


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