Monday, 1 April 2013


I should be doing some sort of work for university or at the very least reading my course books.  But what's the fun in doing what you're meant to be doing? I'm procrastinating to the maximum. As a treat for loosing 5lbs I went to Primark before I came out to Oman and bought myself a new bikini.  It's been having many an outing to the beach so far which I'm very happy with.  At the moment my tan is more of an extreme sun burn which will hopefully turn into a tan.  Use factor 50 kids.

I'm trying to start the Game of Thrones series, I'm an avid HBO version watcher (Richard Madden as Robb Stark... SWOON) but the books so far haven't had much appeal to me largely because they are so big and heavy aka not suitcase friendly.  But a Kindle changes that. So here we are.  I'd much rather be slogging my way through this than Wilkie Collins.

Our Easter was a quiet affair, I was lying on the beach getting a sun burn and not reading Wilkie Collins.  My family isn't big on Easter, but they are big on the beach.  Can't complain either way.  I love coming here, this is where I grew up so it always feels like coming home.  I'm recharging my batteries for the last half of my last ever semester (which I assume is going to be very stressful) so doing nothing feels justified.

Hope you all had a good Easter and that the weather is looking more springlike!
More soon


  1. Love your cute little blog! How is GOT so far? I have the kindle too but haven't read it yet <3


  2. you definitely know what you're doing.

  3. Oh my word! What I would give to be on the beach!

    The photos look incredible.


  4. Your pictures look so lovely, it makes me very envious and just to want to get away x

  5. ah so jealous! really want to read game of thrones too! is it good? loving these photos x

  6. This place looks really lovely! I started reading the series after watching Game of Thrones, let me warn you that those books basically took over my life...


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