Sunday, 9 June 2013


It's official: I finished my degree on Friday.  My summer starts here, freedom is a relief and I celebrated appropriately.  I nursed a gin hangover all of Saturday and finally caught up with Game of Thrones which then sent me into a downward spiral of feelings (I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS RED WEDDING).

I'm giving myself a few lazy days before trying to have a productive summer.

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine!

More soon


  1. Congratulations! It's such a good feeling when you've finished all of your exams and can then properly enjoy the summer. Love your top btw.

    Lucy x

  2. Ahh Game of thrones was AMAZING!! they always have the best episode before the finale :) Can't wait to watch it tomorrow :)

    Cute shirt too btw :)

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  3. Well done on finishing! I just finished too and really can't feel any happier, it's all such a relief :)
    Rhiannon xx

  4. Congratulations in graduating!!! Hope you enjoy your time off!


  5. Yay, congratuations :D make the most of your freedom!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  6. Congratulations!! Enjoy freedom :) xx

  7. Awesome, congrats! Have a wonderful summer.

    Tiny darling

  8. Congratulations Nina! Hope this is the start of an amazing summer. Your top is super cute, btw!

  9. Such a pretty outfit! Congrats on finishing your degree, have an amazing summer xxx

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  10. Congratulations!!! I am in your position too - I finished my degree last week and now I'm back home catching up on Game of Thrones.
    I cant quite believe that exams/studying etc is over..I don't think it will feel final until graduation!
    Your blog is really nice - I just had a quick scroll through and I love your photographs. Looking forward to reading it now that I can sit on blogs all day guilt-free!


  11. congratulations and very well done! Hope you enjoy the summer!


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