Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Hurry and the Harm

Tunic: Ever Ours.  Jeans: Topshop (Joni).  Shoes: Primark.  Nails: Essie's Watermelon.

First of all, thank you for all your congratulations on my last post! It means a lot to me! I've been enjoying doing nothing at all and watching bad bad television in bed (Big Rich Texas anyone?)

Also thank you for the compliments on my pretty new top which I purchased from Ever Ours on a whim.  I love browsing Ever Ours, I think they have a great selection of clothes and accessories.  The site isn't overwhelming (something I tend to find with ASOS), the clothes are carefully selected and I've had to hide my credit card because there are at least another three items I have my beady little eye on.  This was classed as a tunic on the website and said the sizing was 8-12.  It's a little bit too short to wear as a dress with bare legs, I'd feel a little too uncomfortable and scared of flashing my wobbly bum.  I think when I've lost some more weight on my thighs this might be wearable as a dress.  For now I'm wearing it nonstop with my faithful Joni jeans.

My boyfriend and I signed for our first flat together yesterday.  We get the keys tomorrow which is very exciting! Serious couple shit.  We've been together for 3 years so this seemed the next logical step.  We did lots of running around looking for nice things to fill our flat with so once we're settled I might do a mini house tour.

More soon!


  1. the tunic is really pretty, might have to check out Ever Ours :) Congrats on the flat, decorating is definitely the fun bit! xx

  2. So many exciting thigns happening in your life right now! Definitely give us a tour of the flat once everything's done.

  3. Sounds like you've got lots of exciting things going on, congratulations! Love the print on your tunic.

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please
    The Cake and Tea Blog

  4. Lovely outfit, those shoes are gorgeous! Congratulations on the flat, so exciting :) xx

  5. I love those shoes so much! And the everours tunic! Exciting flat news, good luck

    Kylie x

  6. Nina, I feel like a bit of an idiot for gushing so much but this is the second post where I've been "oh my god me too, and snap, and that's weird because me too!".

    Big Rich Texas is currently my ultimate guilty pleasure ( I love Bonnie and Whitney, sooo much), and my boyfriend and I will have been together 3 years this summer and are getting the keys to our first flat in September. I wish I knew you in real life because I'd be a bag of excitement at being on the very same page as you.

    Congrats on the move in, I'm pleased for you and even more excited than I already was about the end of the summer.


  7. Such a cute outfit! The shoes are soooo nice :) x


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