Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dreams come slow and they go so fast

Shirt: vintage.  Jeans: Topshop (Joni).  Shoes: Logan Crossing. Lips: Kate Moss Rimmel 107


It's been a while guys! Apologies for the radio silence on my part, I've been so busy moving into my new place with my boyfriend (I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF) and my blogging mojo was pretty down.  I've not been up to anything blog worthy recently and just needed a little break.  I've had a few weeks to settle down now, some bits and pieces still need doing in our flat but we're pretty much close to finishing.  I'm contemplating doing a mini home tour if you guys were curious?

This is just a simple outfit that I wore when I went exploring in new neighbourhood (photos to follow shortly).  I've fallen a little out of love with my Joni jeans.  True to Topshop form the minute I put these in the wash they seem to just crumble.  Also they are already slightly baggy around the top which is pretty annoying as I already sized down on these when I bought them and no way would I be able to fit my birthing hips into a size 8.  Maybe I'll just give up on Topshop and try the River Island version of these.  Any recommendations?

I'm off to see Despicable Me 2 tonight with my best friend and I'm geekly excited.  It's going to be hard to beat the first one.  Yup I'm a 22 year old graduate who loves animated movies...

More soon!


  1. So cute! Love this outfitt.

  2. lovely shirt! and you look really pretty :)

  3. You look great - I really like your lipstick! Is it a kind of oxblood colour? I'm looking for one this dark so I'd love to know what brand and what shade it is, if you wouldn't mind sharing please?! :) RE jeans: But you can't do better than Next - hands down, the very best quality and cut I've ever bought. Failing that, New Look are surprisingly good and a really nice fit on small waist to bigger hip ratio like mine. Have fun exploring your new neighbourhood..right now i'm doing the same thing for our future flat over the coming months, but from the comfort of google street view...!


    1. This particular lipstick is Rimmel 107, it's a very matte berry. I personally prefer my MAC 'Rebel' but it's more purple vamp than this one. Thanks for the jeans tip I'll have to have a gander xx

  4. Congrats on the new place. I saw Despicable me at the weekend and loved it! :)
    Daniella x

  5. The shirt is really cute! Definitely give us a bit of a home tour, I love seeing things like that cause I'm a stickybeak.

  6. I love your shirt, such a great print! Hope you're settled into your new place :)


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