Sunday, 14 July 2013

Let's go to the beach beach

My American and Australian readers are going to laugh at me when I say that here in Britain we are all struggling through a heatwave that finally hit 30 degrees in Cardiff yesterday (86 fahrenheit).  But we're just not used to this kind of weather, our buildings are very much designed to keep warmth in and we don't have any air-conditioning so we've been struggling.

Last weekend in an attempt to escape the heat of Cardiff we headed down to Southerndown not far from Ogmore, with a Marks & Spencer picnic in tow.  I love being by the sea and lying in the sun working my way through a chunky novel.  It's all perfect when partnered with amazing music, I'm loving Passenger and Rhye recently.  We went for a cliffside walk to round our day off, it was such a clear and lovely day you could see over the sea and see the coast of England. I'm so lucky to live in such a gorgeous country.

We're meant to be having great weather for the rest of this week, fingers crossed we get sunshine on Wednesday as that's the day I'm graduating!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.

More soon


  1. Great post - I know how you feel with the heat. I'm like 'I was born in the UK for a reason - I can't take the heat!!'. Great pictures and the food looks lush! Was the book any good? :)

  2. I've been totally melting as well! The beach looks gorgeous.

    Lucy x

  3. Gorgeous photos! I live on the Eastern coast of England and sadly we're missing out on most of the lovely sunny weather :( Most days it's cloudy and a bit chilly! I love losing myself in a good book in the sun too :)

  4. Great pics. I live in America and it is sweltering here as well. I really can't wait for Fall!!


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