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You've got my heart beating triple time | Stylight

A while ago I received an email from the lovely Judy at Stylight.  Not gonna lie, I squealed with excitement and did a little dance. I've heard of Stylight before through some of my favourite bloggers such as Carrie and Kristina.  Also to make a great thing even better, Stylight is based in one of my most loved German cities: Munich (if I got a job there I would move there in a heartbeat).  As a German girl through and through I can't help but support German initiatives, so a collaboration with Stylight is right up my street.  

Stylight is an online community that allows their members to create 'looks' on boards with clothes, links, your own pictures and even music so you can share it with the Stylight community.  Stylight also lets you search and explore over 5000 items of clothing and if you like what you see they conveniently send you through to a site where you can then purchase it.  I'd describe Stylight as the highly addictive love child of Lookbook, Pinterest and ASOS.

Judy sent me some links of brands and the one that caught my eye straight away was Filippa K, a Swedish company that specialise in sleek and simple but luxurious clothes.  Their core values are 'Style, Simplicity and Quality', something I wholeheartedly agree with because I've said before that I'm a fan of simple pieces that I can accessories and wear again and again in different ways.  So here is my take on some of my favourite Filipa K pieces:

Dress: H&M.  Shoes: Topshop (sale).  Necklace: Primark

Outfit number one was inspired by the gorgeous Dinner Dress, in my eyes you can never have enough LBDs.  This isn't technically an LBD, more of an LGB (little grey dress) as it's a bit floatier and more summer friendly.  The Fillipa K version is 100% my dream LBD, you can't go wrong with little sleeves and sneaky hidden pockets.  Perfect for date nights, fancy events and I'd even wear this to a job interview.

Top: New Look.  Shirt (worn under top): Topshop.  Jeans: Topshop (Joni).  Shoes: Topshop.  Necklace: Miss Selfridge.

Outfit number two is inspired by Filippa's love of skinny black trousers and the only kind of pattern you'll find in her collection: STRIPES.  Being 4ft11 I can really appreciate the ease of black trousers and how easy they are to work with.  Stripes are a classic for me and my all time favourite, in Filippa's collections they are mainly found in the menswear section.  I frequently shop for my beloved breton tops in the boys section, the cuts are better and more flattering.  Striped shirts are a godsend, they are so easy to dress up or down, perfect for layering with shirts and jewellery   The options are endless.  I'd say about a third of my wardrobe is stripes, you can never have enough in my eyes!

Shirt: Promode (super old).  Jeans: Topshop (Joni).  Shoes: Topshop.  Hat: H&M.

Outfit number three is once again inspired by the menswear section and their gorgeous shirts they have, especially the blue ones.  I love denim shirts and how easy they are to wear, you can button them all the way up or just wear them as a jacket.  As I've said before I'm a big believer in shopping in the mens wear section, it's cheaper and the fit is perfect if you like things looser.  I'm also quite a fan of the 'Canadian Tuxedo' - when you wear a denim jacket with matching jeans.  You can take a kid out of the 90s...

Shirt: H&M.  Jeans: Topshop (Joni).  Shoes: Logan Crossing

The last outfit is quite simple, but again just how I like it.  I love 'luxe' looking trainers, again like most of the items in this post you can dress them up or dress them down.  My preferred course of action with simple outfits like this is interesting shoes and bright lipsticks.  This particular one is Funny Face by NARS - highly recommended it stays on even after I've had a full sunday roast.  Sometimes simple outfits are just the best and easiest, they look expensive and it means you can spend that extra time on styling your hair or trying out new make up.  Sometimes it's all just about ease and comfort without looking boring.

Thanks again Stylight for such a lovely opportunity, I've loved working with you guys.  If you need me you know where I am! 

Vielen Dank und alles Liebe

*I was not paid by Stylight for this post, all thoughts and views are my own


  1. You have such a good style, I love these outfits xx


  2. I love the first picture it's so cute and fun, the hat is really cool too!


  3. I think the first one's my favorite! Very simple yet very chic!

    xo runbarbierun

  4. Hi Nina, I really really really like your style! I'm quite small myself and it's nice to see how you deal with it, very inspirational!
    I went through your blog and I really like reading it. So I think you found yourself a new follower!


  5. Such gorgeous looks lovely, my favourite being the nautical stripes and red lip look!

    Elizabeth x



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