Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Disappointing Products 01

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser | £6.75

I was never much of a Lush fan but the recent acquisition of a flat with a super deep bath meant I ended up in the Cardiff branch.  I only went in to get a bathbomb but the sales assistants are so good at sucking you in and you leave with more than you intended to buy.

I've become a little obsessed with skincare recently and having run out of my Bioderma cleanser sampler I thought it was time to invest in a new one.  The lovely Eve who was giving me loads of samples to try, recommended me the Ultrabland cleanser.  She tested it on my hand and it felt lovely.

But, and this is a massive but, once I got home it was a different story.  You're meant to take a generous blob of this and smooth it over your face so it takes off all your make up.  It does take my foundation off really well but it falls at the last hurdle: my eye make up.  The cotton pad I use tears apart leaving little bits of fluff in my eyes and it just doesn't take off my Benefit mascara properly.  I've already lost several eyelashes in the process which really pains me because now I have uneven eyelashes.  I wear a lot of eye make up so that was really important to me.  Alarm bells should have gone off when I read 'oily cleansing cream'.  It doesn't feel nice on my skin at all, super oily and I'm afraid that it will leave greasy stains on my pillows.  I have slightly oil skin anyway especially under my fringe so I feel this just aggravates my situation.  I don't like using a flannel as a means of taking make up off.  Something about a brown and black stained towel lying around the bathroom grosses me out.

So all in all I'm still using this but mainly to take my foundation and other 'face' products.  I managed to find Bioderma in my local pharmacy so I'm using that for my eyes (YAY!).  I just feel like £7 for a product is a lot of money to not use it at all, but I won't be repurchasing this any time soon.

Any other cleansers you guys can recommend me? I'm loving my Bioderma cleanser at the moment but I'm always open to new recommendations.

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  1. Good to know your honest experience with this product I've only ever bought a face mask from there which was lovely! I bought a beauty balm recently and had a positive experience plus it was sample sized so I could try before I buy it's brill for removing make up but again has to be removed with a cloth x

  2. I'm no beauty expert but I do usually wear a lot of dark eye makeup (to counteract the whole albino/blonde thing I've got going on) so I've had the same problem as you in the past about getting rid of it all. My go-to combination these days is the Body Shop Camomile Kind Eye Make Up Remover (for the dark stuff) followed up by the Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser for any foundation/concealer/left over eye makeup residue (and then occasionally the matching Vitamin E Toner, Night Cream and Day Moisturiser because I'm a little bit in love with them all aha.) My skin feels so much more naturally fresh in the morning since I've started removing makeup with these first two and Body Shop always have some good offers so giving them a try hopefully won't break the bank! Hope that helps x

  3. Aw I actually just switched to this cleanser! I'm not minding it so far, but my skin is on the drier side to begin with, and I don't wear much eyemakeup. And the bit where you have to take it off with a washcloth, and then washing the washcloth, is definitely annoying.

  4. I used this for a while and it worked fine on my day to day eye make-up but failed on my Saturday night eye make-up! I had to stop using it because it broke me out in spots. x

  5. Totally agree, I hated this - it made my skin feel really greasy and I had to use about a million cotton pads to get eye make-up off. It's one of their most popular products, god knows how, must be for people who wear hardly any makeup.xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. Oooh interesting review. One of the buyers from Lush here recommended Ultrabland to me recently so I picked it up. Haven't got around to using it yet though! Love your blog by the way :)


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