Saturday, 3 August 2013

Home is where the heart is

Here are some little snapshots of my new life with my other half.  We've been living together for about two months now, teething problems aside it's lovely living with my best friend.

When my parents came over from Germany they took me to IKEA and kitted me out with some things for the spare room (calling it a second bedroom at it's size is a bit of a joke).  All the furniture is white which is really calming and it'll be a lovely space to work in if I get onto my masters course.  At the moment it's my hideout for reading the Daily Mail (those of you with beady eyes can see that these photos were taken the day Kate went into labour).

There really isn't a theme to our flat.  I like colourful accessories and trinkets, mainly collected from places I've been to and lived.  For example the now empty blue bottle of white wine from a vineyard in Montpellier which somehow survived the move back to the UK.  My boyfriend has a music and vinyl obsession which explains the rest of the decor in our living room.  My favourite record of his to borrow is the 'Johnny Cash live at Folsom Prison' album.  Pretty much flawless.

The kitchen then becomes more of my territory.  I love to cook, it's something that my mother has passed down to me and it's really important to me.  The kitchen also plays host to my little obsession with royal family memorabilia.  Can't seem to help myself.  As you can see I'm also a little bit of a gin fan.  Just a little bit...  

I'm going to drag my boyfriend to the flea market tomorrow morning so maybe I'll end up picking up some more stuff.  Will keep you posted.

More soon


  1. Aaah I love seeing people's homes, your place looks so cosy and adorable! Seeing these I seriously can't wait to get a place of my own to decorate (not sure when that'll be though, ha ha).

  2. Your flat is just too beautiful! I love it all :) (plus you've got a very well stocked bookshelf!)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. Your place is lovely. I love all the gin & tonic related bottles/items and the Alexisonfire print on your wall!

  4. I'm in love with everything in these photos - your flat looks amazing! My favourite is definitely Rex! xxx

  5. Your home looks lovely! I adore the fireplace in your living room, and all your beautiful colourful things set against the calm white.

    I definitely went through the teething problems when I loved in with my other half, but once we'd got over the 'why do you always leave wet towels on the bed and your dirty clothes next to the laundry bin but never in the laundry bin?!' it has been just lovely, so I am glad you are experiencing the same!

  6. Nina your home is lovely! I have flat envy - I hope I can find somewhere as nice as this to rent. I love the period your house was built in - shelving built in to the alcoves around a fireplace is my favourite. And Ohhh I LOVE the range in your kitchen! A REAL FLAME! I am sick to death of electric hobs, sigh.

    You have some lovely bits and pieces Nina.
    The kitchen is my territory too..I try and get Jonathon to cook more but then I nag and interfere and end up just booting him out. But at least it's my room to organise! ;)


  7. I love it, it looks really cosy. xx

  8. Omg is that a Pride and Prejudice graphic novel??? That's amazing.

    I love how you have your place, I'm so nosy so I love seeing how other people decorate. Looks really pretty!!


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