Saturday, 10 August 2013

“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” - Oscar Wilde

Summer is here and for the moment I'm an unemployed graduate.  I'm trying desperately not to get sucked into watching too much American Netflix (I say this as Desperate Housewives is one in the background...).  I trawled the charity shops down my road and found a few goodies that should keep my occupied for a while.  I do have a kindle which I love and take everywhere with me but I love having a good book collection filled with loved books with my favourite quotes highlighted.  It feels special.

The God of Small things by Arundhati Roy | £1.50 | 368 pages

I picked this up in the RSPCA charity shop, it won the Booker Prize in 1990 so I have quite high expectations of this book.  For some reason I keep thinking that this is going to be a Life of Pi kind of book but I think I'm going to be proven wrong.  I love reading books that are based in India.  I might tie this book together with Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha.

Jane Austen's Guide to Romance: The Regency Rules by Lauren Henderon | £1.50 | 320 pages

I'm such a sucker for anything Jane Austen themed you should know this by now.  This little book caught my eye again in the RSPCA shop.  It seems a little bit of 'fluff' reading but after a brief skim read it might actually be quite funny.  Each chapter is dedicated to a 'lesson' for example chapter one 'If you like someone  make it clear you do' with references to all the different couples of the Jane Austen world such as Mr Tilney and Catherine from Northanger Abbey.  This just ties in nicely with my Jane Austen collection, I'm a bit of a geek like that.

Agatha Raison and the Vicious Vet by M. C. Beaton | £3 | 256 pages

 This I picked up from The Hours, a gorgeous bookshop in Brecon, when I was there last week with my parents.  This was in the secondhand section but it's pretty much brand new.   I've heard about this series before, it was published a long time ago (early 90's) but for some reason they've become very popular recently.  I do love a good Agatha Christie novel and some inspiration has clear come from those.  These aren't meant to be particularly 'edgy' or a heavy hitting thrilling but I enjoy crime fiction like this.  If I read too many Val McDermid books I get really edgy in a bad way.

War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy | £1.99 | 1296 pages

This is one I might regret.  My mother had her copy of War & Peace on her bookshelf until she was pregnant with my brother, and she only started on this novel because she'd read all the crime books that the library had to offer.  Mum did say that once you get over the initial few chapters you actually really get into it.  Challenge accepted.  If not you'll find me watching the Audrey Hepburn film version.

This is my last post in Wales for two weeks.  Tomorrow I finally get to go to Germany for some family time.  I'm pretty excited and can't wait to share my German adventures with you!

More soon


  1. You have a really good taste in books. I only read a posthumous work of Tolstoy: Hadji Murad. One day I hope to read War and Peace, but I'm not ready for now. Good readings and have a good Sunday! The Remembrall

  2. I've never read any of these, but by judging a book by it's cover they look good! I love that you're watching Desperate Housewives, I too have been sucked back into it and been watching it lol... such a good series!



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