Sunday, 25 August 2013

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter 9.89

My first stop in my local town was Müller, a massive department store that sells DVDs, CDs and it has a pretty good beauty section.  I went in with the intention to buy my cousin a birthday gift but ended up wandering into the 'Naturkosmetik' section (translation: eco friendly make up) where I saw that they sell Korres and I was over the moon.

I've wanted to try Korres for absolutely ages because it's exactly the kind of company I like.  The little cardboard box around the lip butter can be pulled apart and you can read all about the company and their ethos.  Korres is a Greek company with its roots in the first Homeopathic Pharmacy of Athens.  The four fundamental principles of Korres are: 1) naturally derived top quality active ingredients 2) clinically tested effectiveness with no inflated promises 3) pleasing to the senses and 4) reasonably priced to enable every-day use.  I really believe in using high quality products, a lot of companies will choose to keep prices down rather than keeping a close eye on their quality and in the long term it's not good for your skin.  I know nearly ten euros for a lip balm may seem a little excessive but I really can't praise this product enough, and as it's a really soft lip balm you need such a tiny amount of product this won't run out any time soon.

I have a similar product to this in the form of my pink Vaseline but I hate the texture of it.  This lip butter is leagues better.  It is super silky, it nearly melts onto your fingers but it transfers beautifully.  It gives you a very subtle rose pink tint and smells delicious.  I've had super chapped and horrible lips recently and nothing has been able to fix it except this.  I'm very pleased.

You can find Korres products on Amazon for cheaper but I'd encourage you to support your local shops and pharmacy.  Have you guys used anything from Korres before that you can recommend me?

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  1. ooh this sounds and looks lovely :) i definitely agree with buying a little more expensive just to get that better quality - your skin will thank you for it eventually! ox

  2. Ohhhh Nina you are pretty! I love the colour of this, if I can afford to I might buy one next time my lime calmex lip-balm runs out.

    I will reply to your letter very soon, I'm just trying to find the time to write you a proper one, not a rushed one! I absolutely LOVED the card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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