Monday, 12 August 2013

Mundane Monday 02

This one is a little bit of a lie.  Today was not really a Mundane Monday.  Today was the first Monday that I've spent in Germany in over a year so it's pretty special.  I'm back to sleeping in my childhood room which whilst it had a makeover last year, still feels like a younger part of my life.  I keep finding funny little things such as gig tickets from when I went through my slight emo phase.  Everyone has one of those right? I'm enjoying being in a homely environment and being around things that I'd forgotten about like the map of Cannes that I framed after I'd attended the film festival back in May last year.  It's comforting to find these things for some reason.

My Monday was even more special because I got accepted on to my masters course at Cardiff University!  I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm going back to university in September for one more year.  Another year of hiding away from the real world and using a student card.  I'm excited because it's a course that's totally new and out of my comfort zone.  I'm ready for a challenge.

After the exciting news of my acceptance my dad and I drove to the airport to pick up my Godmother.  She's the reason I have ventured back to the Vaterland.  I haven't seen her in three years (she lives in Montreal, Canada) and she's visiting us in Germany for ten days so I couldn't feasibly stay in Cardiff watching Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix (I have this thing for Gordon Ramsey I can't even help myself).  Frankfurt Airport is one of the more bearable ones that I frequent and the blow of the low ceilings is somewhat lessened by the decent coffee they have in the arrivals area.  Coffee tastes better on mainland Europe.  Fact.  I had tears in my eyes when I saw my Godmother.  She's the most amazing lady and has the kindest heart, we've had a great evening chatting over my homemade tomato risotto (my job is to cook when I'm home) and drank too much wine.  I'm ready to call it a night at 10:45 (Germany is an hour ahead) and crawl into bed listening to the rain with my trusty Regency trash novel (they never let me down).

On another note: my fourteen year old girl cousin has added me on Instagram.  She looks older and prettier than me even though I have a whole eight years on her and actually remember when crop tops and scrunchies were high fashion.  I can't even.

This post has taken me an extortionately long time to write because I finally bit the bullet and went to a nail bar to get acrylics so I could get over my nail biting habit.  How do women deal with long nails? Getting dressed takes me forever.

Can't wait to share some exciting Germany adventures with you!


  1. I had a huge emo phase too Nina! It's actually embarrassing how whole-heartedly signed up to I was and how long it went on for. Cringe.

    Enjoy Germany, I hope you have a lovely lovely time!

    I feel you on the instagram girl thing. I feel like such a frumpy dumpy old fart already looking at some 14 year old girls. How do they look 20 and glamourous and I swing before 13 and lazy & middle aged and no longer care? Sigh.


  2. Congratulations on being accepted to your Masters! I wish I could go back to university for another year so much! My mundane monday consisted of sitting around in my pjs all day applying for fact that's going to be my mundane job for the forseeable future!

  3. Congratulations on getting accepted for Masters! Hope you have an awesome time in Germany, looking forward to seeing what you get up to :)

  4. I know just what you mean about the comfort of going home, enjoy every minute of it. And as for little cousins who look older and prettier than you, I can completely sympathise... I have a few of them myself!

  5. Woohoo to never leaving education! aha though seriously, big congratulations on Cardiff! I'm also very glad to hear I'm not the only person who tries to stop themselves biting their nails by sticking on a literal shield. I wasn't having trouble getting dressed with my new fake ones but face-scratching was initially a very big and painful issue. It'll be worth it in the end though! x

  6. I just loved your pics!!



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