Friday, 2 August 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Last week my boyfriend and I went fruit picking, our actually plan was to go for a drive along the coast but we saw a PYO Fruit sign and immediately took a pit stop.  I'd never gone and picked my own fruit before so I was pretty excited and we had so much fun.  We picked up our punnets and chose what fruit we wanted to pick and were sent on our merry little way with directions from the lovely staff.

We ended up loading up on strawberries, raspberries and to my utter delight: red currants.  I love red currants but can never seem to find them anywhere in the UK.  Normally I have to wait until I get home to Germany where we have a little shrub of our own.  Happy days!  We picked a lot of fruit (1kg of red currants... oops) and it all came to something like £12 which I thought was really good value.  It is a little bit more expensive than if you buy the fruit from a supermarket but I'm really trying to change my shopping habits and want to support local initiatives.  We made an amazing strawberry, raspberry and red currant crumble with all our goodies and added lashing of vanilla ice cream.  Heaven.

So people of South Wales please head to Hendrewennol just off the A48 between Bonvilston and Cowbridge for a lovely fun day whilst we still have some sunshine!  

More soon


  1. Looks so pretty! I love pick your own places, it just feels so much more authentic and healthier than buying food haha! XX

  2. Aaaaah I have always wanted to pick my own berries! Because they're yummy and it would be so fun haha. I'd be afraid of creepy crawlies though, but I assume they're kept away from the fruit somehow?

  3. How nice!! I love that your shoes matched by coincidence - very appropriate attire for berry picking!! Gooseberries are delicious - gooseberry crumble is out of this world and I'm really hoping they will appear in shops soon! I will definitely be going blackberry picking to make an apple and blackberry pie at the end of August though - it's something my family has done every single year since we were born.

    I hope you're well Nina!



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