Thursday, 19 September 2013


 Trousers and boots: Topshop.  Shirt and necklace: Primark.

So at the start of the month (that long ago already?) I was luck enough to bag an invite to the launch of Benefit's newest blusher: Rockateur.  I'm not at all a beauty blogger but make up is one of my greatest vices and Benefit happens to be one of my favourite brands of all times so of course I jumped at the chance.

The event was held in Tiger Tiger (a venue that since my arrival in Cardiff in 2009 has rarely seen me in a sober condition, but now I know better) and we got greeted by the gorgeous Benebabes with tasty watermelon cocktails.  I actually only own one blusher and so this was a great opportunity to find out some more info about their latest offering and of course to pick up some more make up tips! I always get sucked into the Benefit counter at Boots and leave with lighter pockets.  

The two items that are firmly at the top of my huge make up wish list after this event are the Rockateur blusher and their new perfume.  The blusher has a lovely rose gold tint to it and gives you a lovely flush without looking like a clown.  I'm always afraid of being heavy handed with blusher so this is great for beauty noobs like me.  The second thing I'm dying to get my little hands on, is their new 'Under My Spell Noelle' perfume.  This perfume just took me straight back to Oman and wandering the souk with my mother.  The bottom note of this perfume is oudh (not Oud as so many people on The Apprentice thought...) so it felt very Middle Eastern to me.  I met up with friends after the event and they all said I smelt lovely.  So that's in the shopping basket waiting for pay day.

It really was a lovely event, and I've picked up some useful tips and tricks.  Considering I do the same face of make up every day events like these are great to get me out of my comfort zone and try something new.

What do you guys think of Benefit as a brand? I'm such a sucker for their pretty packaging!

More soon!


  1. Lovely post! Your heart print trousers are adorable ♥ Watermelon cocktails sound really tasty :O Benefit are one of my favourite makeup brands! I get my brows done by them and so far I've managed to resist buying everything on the counter :')

    Whimsical Wolf

  2. It was a fab event, first time I'd been to Tiger Tiger sober too!
    The new perfume is so nice, must remember to put it on my Christmas wishlist! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  3. i love love love benefit! although i always spend far too much there because of the packaging at least it's great quality and always lasts for so long! xx

  4. oo looks like you had a great time and the cocktails sound yummy! x

  5. I love benefit too, it is usually their quirky cute titles that get me! I'm glad you had a good time, it looks a lot of fun ♥

    Other Infinities


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