Sunday, 1 September 2013

Exploring my hometown

On my godmother's last day in Germany we took her on a little trip to see Würzburg from above and to see the little chapel that my mother always visited growing up.  It's a very beautiful and tranquil place and even though I'm not very religious I loved our visit, it's a great place to sit down and reflect.  I felt like I've left home with a clear head, which is pretty important considering that I'm due to start my Postgraduate course in three weeks!

We couldn't send my godmother to Canada without taking her to a Biergarten and without her having tried some traditional German food.  We went to one of my favourite places which is right along side the river Main and I devoured a 300g schnitzel (I'm not even ashamed to admit that I managed to eat 80% of it before I had to hand the reigns to my brother the human hoover).  It was all washed down with my current favourite cocktail - Hugo (prosecco, soda water, limes, mint and elderflower) before we went for an evening stroll through the town centre and along the river.  For dessert we picked up an ice cream from one of Würzburg's oldest and most beloved ice cream parlours: Benito (est 1932).  I had my usual flavour combination of josta (gooseberry and red currants), mango and yoghurt with elderflower.

One thing that I adore about Würzburg is the different attitude to drinking.  I think it's partly due to the weather because unlike in Cardiff where you always seem to end up drinking indoors or in dark clubs, there are more places to sit outside in Würzburg and we're blessed with far better weather than those across the pond.  I felt so continental walking through the city at dusk and seeing everyone sat outside or by the river having a drink.  The drinking culture is very different here and it's less about getting smashed.  One of my favourite spots for a drink is the Alte Mainbrücke, the bridge that connects the two parts of Würzburg and with the recent addition of an amazing restaurant it's become a really popular place.  The restaurant has recently also opened up a pop up bar that serves glasses of wine that people can drink on the bridge without having to sit in the restaurant.  On the weekends the bridge is heaving with people enjoying the wine and the amazing views as the sun sets over Würzburg.  My heart is heavy with homesickness for Germany right now.


  1. Looks gorgeous and the architecture is so beautiful!

    Germany is one of my favourite places in the world and I don't think it gets enough love for its beauty and culture! Also, everybody there seems so friendly!

    I am in love with your red shoes in picture 18 they are so CUTE! Where are they from?

    You got yourself a new follower, I'm off to stalk through your other posts ^.^

    -alex x

  2. I've got serious ice cream envy right now! That cocktails sounds delicious as well :)

    Lucy x

  3. Looks so beautiful. I really do hate the British drinking culture. I don't even know why we're like it. There's nothing nicer than having a leisurely glass of wine with a friend, rather than knocking back shots and downing pints. I'm allowed to be judgy as I have been that person on more occasions than I'd dare try and count :P

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  4. I love the pictures, it's so great to be a tourist in your own town sometimes! I also want a massive ice cream now...

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  5. what a beautiful place, it sounds wonderful. i would love to eat on that balcony looking over the river, Hope you had a great time. :-)it is very different to cardiff Lolx


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