Tuesday, 10 September 2013

For the love of tartan

 Trousers: River Island.  T-shirt: Primark.  Boots: Topshop Arabel.

When I walked out of the changing rooms and my boyfriend saw these trousers all he said was 'Oh'.  I LOVE them.  Tartan is my Autumn Winter staple.  These trousers are from River Island and I think they're sold out online now (I have the product code though if someone wants to try ordering them into store).  If you do order these kinds of trousers from River Island online take a note on sizing and size down massively.  I'm normally a 10/12 but these are a size 8 and fit perfectly.  I also have my eye on this pair.  Can't get enough tartan.  The only issue with these trousers is that the leg length is 'regular' meaning I'm swamped in them and had to roll them up three times.  Need to find a tailor in my neighbourhood to take them up.  Being this small is frustrating when it comes to trousers.

I wish I had a matching blazer to match but for now I'm keeping it simple and wearing with with the 'boyfriend tee' from Primark that I have in 3 different colours.  They were super cheap and are a nice basic wardrobe staple.

Can't wait to add some more tartan pieces to my wardrobe, I'm hoping that Primark up their A/W game.

More soon


  1. Tartan trousers! I love this outfit, simple white t, gorgeous trousers and those boots! Tis perfect xx

  2. Adore those trousers on you Nina! I might have to pop in and try them on, although I've been eyeing up their black/green ones (: they look so lovely with a simple white tee! x

  3. They look so good! Definitely very autumnal looking :D I've been lusting after a tartan scarf to contrast with my all black winter coat :) x


  4. I love the trousers, they look gorgeous and really suit you well!
    Haha, I also always need to roll my legs up a few times. But I learned how to work with a sewing machine just so I could shorten my trousers and those of my family (many short people in my family) myself :)

    Sofie x

  5. Those trousers are amazing! Love this outfit and your hair looks great! :)

  6. Tartan is eeeeasily one of my favourite prints :D I have tartan socks, jeans and shirts and I still want more! I'm currently dreaming of getting a tartan coat for this Winter. I love how you've paired your trousers with some chunky boots ♥

    Whimsical Wolf

  7. I love them! I've been wanting to add a bit of tartan to my wardrobe. I like how you've worn them with a plain white tee as well.

  8. Love your tartan pants, so cool!


  9. I love them tooo you look so great in them!! you are so tiny!! I love your new hair too xx


  10. I think that I need to add a pair of trousers like this to my closet for this fall. Love them! :D


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