Sunday, 8 September 2013

Seeing Red

Usually around this time every year I get the itch to change around the colour of my hair.  I usually decide to go for the darkest brown I kind find in the semi permanent section, but this time I thought why not try something new? I love love love red hair.  One of my closest friends in boarding school had the most stunning natural red hair and I was always beyond jealous.  For myself though I prefer having a bit of a reddish tint to my brown hair, I'm not a fan of out of the box permanent red colour especially the bright red ones on my hair - harsh colours really stress my hair out.  I prefer a slightly natural look so thought it was worth a try.

I used Clairol Nice 'n Easy - it's the easiest hair dye to use and is the one I always go for.  You just slap it all over your hair and leave it in for 15 minutes.  I usually actually leave it on for a bit longer when I dye my hair darker but because this was the first time I used red I stuck to the 15 minutes.  I'm a big fan of semi permanent, it washes out naturally and is a great chance to experiment without the commitment of permanent.

I love love this colour on me, I think it makes my hazel eyes look greener and it feels fresh and ready for autumn which I'm so excited about!

Let me know if you like it!

More soon


  1. Love that colour. You're definitely right, it brings out the colour of your eyes. Love your make-up look here too!

  2. That colour is gorgeous! It really suits you! I have been wanting to dye my hair red too - love red hair so much! :)

  3. This is gorgeous colour, it really works for you! Great for Autumn. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  4. I love the new hair colour. It looks very pretty! Perfect for the colder days.

    Sofie x

  5. Ooh this is a gorgeous colour on you, so flattering! I went red too a few months ago but it's a bitch to maintain so I make regular trips to my hair guy. :) x

  6. Oh wow, this hair colour looks gorgeous on you! I love how subtle the red tones are, so that it's not too over the top :)

  7. this colour suits you so much! You look lovely!
    If using a box colour i always go for permanent, big commitment. I find myself hating my hair for the first 2 weeks and washing daily to try and fade the colour oops! x

  8. It looks awesome! And it really does bring out the green in your eyes.

  9. this really fits you! I'm contemplating on which hair color to pick this season..

  10. I ended up using permanent dye because my sister said it's hard to make red stick at the best of times... are you finding that it's lasting? It looks great, by the way, I think we have fairly similar base hair colours so it just adds a little something without being unnatural.


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