Thursday, 31 October 2013

The way is long but you can make it easy on me

 Coat: Vintage.  Shirt & Necklace: Primark.  Trousers: River Island.  Boots: Topshop.

I had the privilege of being invited to the last stop of TKMaxx's Maxx My Style tour which finished in Cardiff on Tuesday.  I was contacted by the lovely Laurel and dragged my uni friend Fiona along for an evening of hair, make up and clothes.  Through my own stupid fault and my inability to read emails properly (STUPID NINA STUPID) I arrived late so missed out on the chance to get a makeover by Anna Dowd (who is so beautiful in person!).  But I still have some exciting content to share with you including an interview with Anna that I'm currently working on so stay tuned for more on that front!

It hit single digit temperatures on Tuesday so of course I had to drag my faux fur coat out of it's summer hibernation.  It's like being reunited with an old friend.  I lived in this all of last winter so expect it to make a regular appearance.  I know it doesn't really suit me and makes me look like an Ewok but it's just so fluffy and feels like I'm being hugged by a friendly bear.  I'm living in my tartan trousers and Topshop Astrix boots at the moment.  I'm one of those people who wears the same thing over and over again when I've fallen in love with a particular item.

Halloween isn't my favourite event of the year so I'm avoiding the inevitable spotting of people in their underwear by going to the Glee Club in Cardiff and then a night in with scary films and take out.  Homebody to the max.  Do you guys have any exciting plans?

More soon!

Many thanks to Fiona for taking the photos of me!

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Monday, 21 October 2013

We'll never be royals

Top: Primark.  Trousers: Topshop.  Boots: Topshop Astrix via Next 2 Nowt. Necklace: Ever Ours.  Lipstick: MAC Rebel.

This is what I wore to the Cardiff Blogger Meet on Saturday.  My style has moved on from slightly granny chic to being a little more simplistic and clean.  I'm obsessed with this white top from Primark at the moment.  I love the texture, and it's so easy to pair with different items.  I picked this up for a bargain price of £6 so have a look at your local Primark because Topshop are selling pretty much the identical but the Topshop version comes in at about £20 more.  I sized up on this massively the fit was a bit strange in my size, I think it's a UK 20? I like the oversized look even if it's not the most flattering look.

Also I'm obsessed with the Astrix shoes from Topshop, again a recent Next 2 Nowt addition to my life.  I got these for a fraction of the price that they are in store and they are some of the most comfortable shoes I own.  They look high but I could run a marathon in these.  They're so versatile as well, they're a lovely alternative to heels for a night out.

I'll do a separate post on the Cardiff Meet Up, I'm so grateful to Georgina and Helen for organising such a lovely get together.

Life has been good to me in recent weeks, uni has been keeping me on my toes and I have such lovely friends around me.  I'm so privilege to be able to say that I am genuinely happy with my life at the moment.  More on that soon!


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Monday, 14 October 2013

Project Get Happy - Stage One: Moving On

Three weeks ago my world did a complete 360.  Without going into great details I ended my three and half year relationship with my boyfriend after some serious revelations came to the surface.  It really left me reeling.

I love being in relationships, I love having someone around to care for and I love being cared for.  I'm an all or nothing person.  If I care for someone then they get all my affection, trust and love.  The hardest thing about relationships is that you have to trust someone and give them your trust and pray they don't throw back in your face.  That has been the hardest thing to deal with in the wake of the break up, that someone who I cared for really abused my trust to the point where I can't even begin to comprehend it, even after a few weeks of mulling things over.  Living on my own hasn't been a big problem but it's my confidence that has taken a bit of a beating.  I've always struggled with self esteem issues and I'm afraid this might aggregate the situation even more.

I have been beyond overwhelmed by the support of my friends and family.  Boys come and go but friends are for life.  It has made everything easier.  There has always been someone's shoulder to cry on or someone who will go on a out night with me and buy me a questionable cocktail.  I refuse to let one bad experience break me.  I'm surrounding myself with good people and am taking time to focus on myself.  My golden rule for being in a relationship is 'if you're not happy with yourself you can't be happy with someone'.  I need to focus on loving myself fully and letting go of doubts.  I can't go into another relationship dragging this baggage with me it wouldn't be fair.  I'm not going to lie, it's daunting and difficult, three and a half years is a long time to have spent with someone.  This boy had been my security blanket since I was 18 but now I'm 22 years old and I have learnt many lessons and sadly these are the kinds of lessons we all have to learn one day.  I relied on my ex boyfriend for too much, so my next lesson is to take time to love myself and feel 100% content in my skin.  This is the time to take care of myself, it may be daunting but I'm ready for it.

You shouldn’t have to go through a dozen heartbreaks to realize that the thing about waiting for love to save you is that, simply, it won’t. Though I do think that may be hard to see until you’ve really put all your emotional eggs in one basket and watched that fall through and leave you with nothing. But nevertheless, I hope you know that not all great love has to be forever love, and that just because one person doesn’t care, or a whole bunch of people don’t care, does not mean that someone else will, or already does. Your past does not dictate your future, trust me on that one.” - The Things You Shouldn’t Always Have To Learn The Hard Way by Brianna Wiest

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Cardiff Country Fair

Last weekend my little brother came down to stay with me.  He's 14 and started boarding school, I was the same age as him when I moved away from home to go to school so I know how he feels and it's very important for me to make sure that when he comes down to stay with me that he has the best time possible so he can take some good memories back to school. 

His visit coincided with the Cardiff Country Fair, so we decided to go along.  We got to see all sorts of animals including a hilarious presentation by the Quack Pack.  We got to see lots of tasty things like cheeses, organic vegetables, homemade bread and jams.  We also picked up a wild boar burger from one of the stands.  I'm not normally one for 'exotic' meats but this was super tasty.  It was covered in apple sauce which made it even tastier.

It was great to have my brother to stay and to take my mind off things.  But more on that at a later date!

More soon

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Christmas with Lush

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas right? I was lucky enough to be invited the Lush Cardiff VIP even where we got a sneaky look at some of Lush's limited edition products for the upcoming winter season.  We were greeted with big smiles from the Lush staff and mince pies.   It was great to get a chance to look at the new products and have a play with them.

Having a bath in the flat is still a massive novelty for me so of course I was drawn to the bath bomb section.  How cute is the little Soot Ball? Some of your might recognise him from Spirited Away.  We all went gaga over him and nearly every single one of us took a little fella home.  He doesn't turn the bath water black, don't worry we tested it!  I also picked up a Cinders bath bomb, it smells perfect and will really be that all important pick me up in the next coming weeks.

I'm going to be honest, I try to avoid popping into Lush simply because there is SO MUCH that I want and having just left my job to focus on my MA studies there is no way I can fund a Lush obsession.  All the seasonal goodies were just too good, I might have to test my resolve.  Winter time is the right time to treat yourself to some goodies to keep your skin hydrated and happy whilst you crank up the heating.

How cute are these little snow men? There is a Mrs, Mr and baby snow man which perfectly fits with Kate, William and George.  These would make a great stocking filler as each of these little snow fellas have bath bombs in them so it would be a great treat for someone who is new to Lush.  I really had to stop myself picking up the baby snow man, five bath bombs is a little excessive right?

Thanks again Lush for this lovely event, it was such a treat and a great chance to catch up with some of my favourite blogger ladies.

More soon!

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