Thursday, 5 December 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

BooHoo Christmas Jumper
I had a slight panic attack once I realised that it was already December, I have two assignments due for university before I go home to Oman to spend Christmas with my family in less than two weeks (!!!!!) so of course I had to go browsing for Christmas jumpers to cheer myself up with! To my great shame I first saw this jumper on one of those The Only Way Is Essex ladies when I was browsing the Daily Mail.  But despite the dubious origins the heart wants what the heart wants.

Home Alone is one of those films that my family and I watch every single year and I never fall out of love with it.  I was a little obsessed with the first one when I was growing up.  Since I was five years old I've only spent 2 of my Christmases in a cold country with snow, so seeing all the snow and Christmas sparkle in that film was just amazing to me.  Now that I'm older this film just brings back all those lovely memories of the Christmas hype and excitement.  I can't wait to wear this jumper in Oman, it will be a little silly because it doesn't get older the 25 degrees in December so I won't need it to keep me warm but I think wearing this jumper on the beach will make for some pretty funny photos.

Have you guys bought your Christmas jumpers yet?

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  1. I bought this jumper for myself a few weeks ago, my boyfriend is such a huge fan of Home Alone though he was distraught when he saw it and desperate to have one too, I bought him one from eBay the next day and he has been wearing it lots (not at the same time as me!) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. Best Christmas jumper ever! I haven't bought my Christmas jumper yet :( I had my eye on a cat one in Primark as it had real bells on its collar, but it sold out within a few days. I still have plenty of time to find one though, phew!

  3. Oh I had no idea BooHoo were selling this jumper too! I wanted one but got mine from eBay as I had no idea where else to look :S eBay didn't have a burgundy one which was a shame as burgundy is such an A/W colour! LOVE Home Alone - it's the definition of Christmas! :) x x

  4. I'm really lusting for a Christmas jumper as well, but I can't find the perfect one (or I'm just too picky). This one looks adorable. I love the colour of your jumper.

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  5. Knew straight away this was from Home Alone! Such a gorgeous jumper!

  6. aw I love this sweater! so cute

  7. WOAH what timing, I just saw this post, my christmas tree is up, I'm eating cinnamon biscuits, and HOME ALONE IS ON TV! I could hug you Nina! Love the jumper, you gorgeous thing you!



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