Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Goals

Every year I make resolutions and don't find myself sticking to them which just leads to more guilt.  This year I'm just going to set myself some tasks that won't go about drastically changing my life but should overall just lead to feeling better and being more productive in my life.  This is probably slightly late considering that we are almost already at the end of January (ALREADY?!) but better late than never right?

 1. Read more and step away from technology.
I don't go anywhere without my phone and in the evening when I decide to go to bed I usually take my laptop with me to do some last minute browsing or to watch an episode of a show.  This usually leads to hopping from link to link or watching four episodes instead of one so my sleep really isn't the greatest.  For 2014 I'm going to stop taking my laptop to my bedroom, it can stay in my study or the living room.  It has been reported that using electronics such as laptops and iPads before sleep is actually bad for your health so I'm going to replace my internet surfing and bad reality TV for some old fashioned book reading.  I think it'll help me wind down in the evenings and should make my sleep better, plus I have so many books just sitting unread on my bookcase because I'd rather watch another episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.  For shame.  So this year I want to rediscover my love of reading that's really died in the past years, hopefully it'll lead to all around better sleep and getting me back on the path of being a well read individual.

2. Work hard
Again I say this every year and every year my expensive Moleskine just doesn't get used.  However, this year I'm in my final semester on my Masters (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN SO QUICKLY?) and I'm applying for jobs left right and centre.  To keep an overview of my life I need to use my trusty little diary more often.  My job hunt hasn't been going as well as I hoped so I also plan to keep working hard and hopefully find a job that I enjoy or if not enjoy, then at least one that will lead to some sort of career in my chosen field.

3. Take time to enjoy the little things
With life being hectic I think it's so difficult to try and enjoy the smaller things in life like a clean house and pretty flowers.  I'm quick to neglect keeping a tidy house but they say a tidy house is reflective of a tidy mind so that might be why?

What are your goals for 2014?

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  1. I definitely agree with your 1st resolution. It's so easy to watch an episode of a show and 4 episodes later in the middle of the night you're still awake and even more tired than you were in the first place!

    I definitely need to read physical books rather than relying on my ipad/kindle app!

  2. These are great resolutions. I made some for myself in my last post as well & working hard is definitely up there. You have a lovely blog, I'm now following & can't wait to see lots more!

    x leah symonne x

  3. These are great resolutions - I'm so guilty of leaving books on my bookcase unread, but I've watched episodes of my favourite shows over and over...

    Beautiful roses too!


  4. Gosh I think I've been trying to read the same book for about 18 months now. I need to put the laptop down (she says on it now). - fashion bits and bobs - culture comment


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