Thursday, 2 January 2014

In foreign soil, in foreign land, Who will guide us through the end?

Top: New Look.  Jeans: 7 For All Mankind.  Shoes: Primark.  Bag: Furla (borrowed off Mama A.).  Lips: Topshop - Ditsy.

What is this? An outfit post? I still do those? Realistically though, since getting to Oman I have either been ill at home or I genuinely haven't really left the house.  Between family Christmas things where I've just been wearing my Home Alone jumper that my mother hates, and not leaving the house because I have so much work to do for my masters I've just not bothered with appearances.  

The other question you may ask is, why when it is 26 degrees outside am I wearing long sleeves and jeans? Well it's partly out of respect for the local culture, where you should cover up your shoulders, legs and upper arms (men included, no short Topshop shorts here gents).  The other truth is that we haven't been that lucky with the weather recently.  It rained which only happens three times a year max and has been 'chilly' by Arabian standards.  

Anyway, I just can't fault the stripes and jeans combination, something about it feels classic and slightly French (stereotyping much?).  These jeans are the most expensive pair I own but lord are they comfortable.  They are great in the follow up of Bingemas where I've been guilty of far too many Christmas cookies.  My mother hates me in skinny jeans (are you guys also sensing the pattern here?) so she's always pleased when she sees me in these.  I normally don't wear the 'boyfriend' fit much but there's something nice and relaxed about it, plus with some heels or platforms it's easy to glam it up.

I'm headed back to the UK on Monday morning, I'm excited! I've been missing my routine and being in my own flat.  The blissful home life where none of us annoy each other always grinds to a halt after New Year.

More soon!

Also, I've been growing my fringe out, with shorter hair it's far less work than I anticipated.  I keep thinking about cutting it back in though, suggestions?

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Here's an outtake for you to round things off:


  1. Favourite items of clothing is a striped top and jeans, spot on stuff. I didn't realise that was their culture, fair play for respecting it!

  2. I love that you added Vampire Weekend, such a fun touch. This is exactly the kind of outfit I would wear, stripes and brights! Love :-)
    Donna xx

  3. Aw I hope you're having a lovely little break away, Nina! You certainly deserve it. I adore your Breton top and those amazing coral shoes! Such a simple but chic look for your travels. xx

  4. Soo cute! Just love your outfit, especially the jeans with the orange shoes! :)

  5. You look gorgeous! Those shoes are incredible - i need. I think your hair looks really nice how it is, i'd leave it for a bit if I was you, you can get a fringe back any time you want! :) xx

  6. You're right it's such a classic combination and I must say you do wear it best Nina!

  7. such a great look! I absolutely adore stripes and teamed with those killer shoes is just spectacular! Adore your blog babe, now following on bloglovin xxx

  8. I just found your blog, it's very nice and you're beautiful. Keep it up with the good work!

    Andera |

  9. love your shoes so so much!
    im your newest follower on bloglovin!

    emma xo


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