Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Taking a Trip | Part 1

For some people the thought a six hour drive into the middle of nowhere to go camping in the outdoors with no phone signal, no internet, no electricity no bathroom or toilet fills them with terror.  But not me.  Ever since we moved to Oman when I was five my family and I have become seasoned campers.  There wasn't much to do in Oman when I was younger, there were two cinemas (the films always arrived months later) and shopping wasn't great back then in the 90's.  So there wasn't anything else to really do except throw your camping stuff, water and food supplies in the car and get on the road.

The day after Boxing Day we did just that.  We took the six hour drive to the coast upon us to visit one of our all time favourite camping spots.  We had initially agreed to meet up with our friends but they were running late so we decided to go the last bit of the trip ourselves.  Big mistake.  NEVER do this kind of stuff alone.  Our car got severely stuck in the middle of a sabkha (a salt plain, they are deceivingly dangerous to drive across because the ground is damp and muddy and you can start sinking into the ground), we were on our own had no phone signal and no second car to pull us out of our predicament.  Whilst the men started shovelling sand I attempted to signal with mum's scarf but there weren't even any camels around let alone any helpful bedouins with a 4x4.  So we ended up spending two hours pushing and shoving the car whilst it was starting to sink into the ground.  In the end we put the sun shades on the floor and somehow managed to get the car onto them and because of the increased grip out of the mud and into freedom.  I figured one day my Duke of Edinburgh award would come in handy!

We arrived at our self designated campsite later than planned so we didn't have much time before the sunset to set our camp up.  Normally 5pm is designated gin and tonic sundowner time but it gets fiendishly dark with no street lights around so we had to act quickly.  But after a delicious homemade chicken curry mama A had cooked before the trip and reheated on a tiny gas cooker, the gin and tonic went down like a treat and I slept like a baby.  I was going to be brave and sleep outside the tent to watch the stars but chickened out.  Snakes you know...

I'm saving the rest of my pictures to share and unveil with you slowly, I think you'll love them and maybe be a little jealous.  I have a sneak peak here on my instagram.

What do you guys think about camping?

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  1. wow! these photos are amazing! i love that photo of the camels in the back of the truck - so cute!! sounds like you're having so much fun... i'm itching to get away now!! happy new year! :)

  2. What an adventure you got yourslef into! All is good that ends well, plus you got really beautiful shots off it :D I haven't been camping since I was 10 but I'd like to go back one day. Happy New Year!


    Colette | Skattered Notes

  3. Waahhh, you have such an interesting life, I'm jealous. I'm already holed up in Aberconway & I'm going caffiene free so I don't even have the luxury of tea to get me through it! xxx


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