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Fun with Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss
Now I am no beauty blogger but I am a girl with a seriously big love for make up that tends to manifest itself in excessive lipstick buying.  I've always loved make up and one of the brands I've always reached to is Urban Decay.  So who am I to resist an invite to a showcase of Urban Decay's latest products? NOT ME.  I was joined by some fellow Cardiff Bloggers: Helen, the gorgeous ladies from CSI Beauty Blog, Georgina and Shelley.
Urban Decay Naked Lip gloss
Urban Decay NAKED 3
Urban Decay NAKED 3

We were greeted by a table heaving full of Urban Decay goodies as well as tasty treats! The cupcakes made by a local Italian restaurant matched the new releases of the NAKED lip glosses. How cute and tasty!

I really like what Urban Decay are doing with their NAKED family.  It's accessible to everyone with every kind of skin colour and type.  I feel like it's really opened up the brand to people who might have been scared off by the bright colours, high pigmentation and the original more 'alternative' feel to the brand.  Urban Decay now belong to the L'Oreal family so that might explain the change in direction.

Each of us bloggers was given her own face chart and paper to take notes from the make up demonstration.  My sheet is full of little notes and tips for future use!  The main launches that the gorgeous Urban Decay ladies wanted to show us was of course the brand new NAKED 3 palette and the matching NAKED lip glosses.  I own and love the NAKED 1 and NAKED basics, I was originally wary of the rose gold colours in the new palette because I wasn't sure if they would suit my colouring.  However, the lovely Haddie indulged me and showed me a look that featured some of the shades I was most wary of.  Of course I was won over and am completely in love with the palette.  It is my birthday next month.  Hint hint.
Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss
Urban Decay NAKED Skin
We were also shown the brand new lip glosses.  Again I was wary, I'm a lipstick girl through and through.  Lip gloss reminds me of my early (and questionable) teenage make up trials.  But these lip glosses are something else.  They are the perfect nudes that feel silky smooth but do not sticky, they feel more like a lip balm.  My favourite colours are Streak, Beso and Nooner (it matches my nickname - Nenor).

Also a new member of the NAKED family is the BB cream.  As of the moment Urban Decay only have one colour that suits all, trust me Helen tried to BB cream and it blended to her skin like a treat.  But rejoice! As of March 1st two new shades 'Light' and 'Dark' will be launching as well.  This BB cream really is worth a try, it feels silky smooth, smells a little pepperminty and blends super well to reduce any signs of redness and give an even skin tone.
Urban Decay NAKED Skin loose powder
Urban Decay NAKED Skin loose powder
Urban Decay Flushed

Other products we got to play with is the NAKED loose powder and the Flushed palette.  This powder is something that wowed all of us.  The UD ladies says it's more like a 'silk veil' for your face and it contains anti-oxidants so your foundation will stay put just the way it is meant to!  I was never a big believer in powders but I tested this and it felt so silky on my face it was like a dream.  I highly recommend you guys to pop to your nearest UD counter to give this a whirl!

The Flushed palette is something I will be going into more detail in a future post, the ladies and I were very lucky and privileged to get a fullsize (!!!!) version of this in our goodie bags! More on that treat later.

This was such a chilled out and fun event.  It felt like a big girlie gossip, we got to play with make up, eat cupcakes and see some very new and exciting products.  Thanks again to the gorgeous ladies at Urban Decay for having us I can't wait for more events in the future this was such a treat for me!
Me wearing shades from the NAKED 3 palette.

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  1. So nice to see an event happening in Cardiff and it looks lovely and so well put together. Hope you enjoyed.

  2. Your eyes looked so pretty. Great to see you again. M xx

  3. Omg I haven't seen ud have events like this in NY. Seems like you had a good time. I must give their lip glosses a try. Were they long lasting ?

    1. I haven't had the chance to test the wear time yet but expect a review of the lipglosses soon!

  4. Sounds like a fun event. Looking forward to reading more about the Flushed Palette. It looks like something I'd want to buy. x

  5. I love Urban Decay products! I was a bit unsure of the Naked 3 palette too, but it looks like it suits a lot of different people - your eye makeup looks gorgeous here! Also, looking at those cupcakes is making me hungry!! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  6. I am so sad that I couldn't make this, it looks like you all had a blast!
    Your eyes look amazing! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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