Friday, 28 February 2014

Round my hometown, Memories are fresh

Coming back home to Germany feels like a secure, comforting warm embrace.  Even though I've been living in the UK for almost 10 years now, I'm still fiercely German on the inside.  I love coming back here because so much is familiar and I can trace my family history.  For example my mum's Grandmother (so my great grandmother) lived in the house you can see in the above picture on the left.  I feel very close to my roots here and that is comforting.

We took a day to get our errands done whilst I tried to soak as much of my hometown in as possible so it can carry me until the summer where I'll be back for two weeks.

Another piece of history that we love reliving as a family is eating tasty treats in one of Würzburg's oldest Caféhaus.  Café Michel has been around for over 100 years.  The decor has never changed, the tiles in the toilets are still from back in the day, even though it's probably not the most aesthetically pleasing place to eat, we Würzburg locals cling to this place.  That anything could have survived the terrible bombing in World War II (Würzburg was more destroyed than Dresend) is a miracle and so this place is very dear to us.  My gran used to take my mother here when she was a little girl and mum would come here when she was being rebellious and skipping school.

But on Thursday we came for an entirely different reason: in Germany it's Krapfen season. HUZZAH!

Krapfen is a German doughnut without the centre hole and filled with what is locally known as Hiffenmark but generally known as Hagebuttenmark (a fruit preserve made from rose hips and sugar).  It's better than jam I tell you! You guys might be more familiar with Krapfen as the Berliner, the one that John F. Kennedy called himself (Ich bin ein Berliener!).  We each ordered one (my younger brother actually inhaled two in under ten minutes) and ate them accompanied by excellent coffee.  Why can't I find a decent latte macchiato anywhere outside of Germany? My Krapfen was a slightly modern variation of the classic which just has a dusting of icing sugar and the Hiffenmark inside, mine had a wild berries preserve in it and a sweet fruit icing. Delicious.  I wish I could take these back to Cardiff with me! 

More soon!
Bis bald!

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  1. Wonderful, what a beautiful city.

  2. the glazed berliner looks so inviting...!
    Kennedy's speech ahah you had to mention that x)

  3. These photos are incredible! I am dying to go visit Germany! This place looks so beautiful :)

  4. My gosh, why is Germany so pretty? And those doughnuts - yum! :)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful place! & your photos are beautiful :-) love this post.

    - xoxo

  6. Oh boy those krapfen look amazing! Wurzburg looks like a really pretty town.


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