Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bumble and Bumble miniatures

I have a love of mini beauty products especially haircare, it makes it easy to carry them with you and it's a great way to test a product to see if you will like it.  I've become a little bit of a Bumble and Bumble addict recently so let me talk you through some of my favourites.

Straight Blow Dry | 15ml | Sample

This is a product I would have loved when I had long hair! You smooth just a little bit all over your damp hair, a little really is crucial otherwise you're in danger of ending up with greasy hair! You then go on to blow dry your hair (with a round barrel brush if you're handy at wielding those) and you end up with super smooth hair that stays straight until the next wash! I don't use this as much as I should because I like having a bit more texture with my shorter hair.  Saying this, it's great when I want something more sophisticated and 'clean' rather than messy.

I bought this on a whim on the weekend after I read Vivianna's post about it.  I love freshly washed hair but it's a nightmare to work with sometimes,it just goes puffy and swishy so normally I just give up and put it all up and away in a bun.  This little creme though is a godsend.  It works perfectly with my shorter hair giving it that 'oomph' and texture that I so crave.  For long bobs like mine it's all about texture texture texture.  You can only use this on damp hair and you need the tiniest amount, trust me.  That's what I really love about the Bumble and Bumble products, even if you buy the little versions of the products they will last you ages! This also brushes out really well if you do overuse and get crispy hair, but it still gives you good volume.  Highly recommended!

Surf Spray | 50ml | £9.50

Oh the Surf Spray.  The Surf Spray and I had a long love affair until it ran out on me.  Sadface.  Again this was another purchase just after I lopped off almost half of my hair.  I bought this in April and it only ran out about three weeks ago so that goes to show how far the 50ml bottle goes! Again you only need a few spritzers of this otherwise you're in crispy hair territory.  The great thing about this compared to other sea salt sprays I've used is that it brushes out so easily and doesn't feel heavy or sticky.  I want to repurchase this once I've used up the other sea salt spray I've got.  This is a perfect must have for summer!

Thickening Hair Spray | 50ml | £7.50

This little gem I got for free with Elle over the summer.  I'm not normally a user of hair spray, most days I just leave my hair to do what it wants.  My hair has a natural wave and a bit of a curl to it so I don't like to do too much with it.  However, I like to use this hair spray on damp hair to give it that little bit of volume as it dries naturally.  I do reach for this every single time when I'm styling my hair for a night out or an event.  It gives hold without making your hair crispy or giving you helmet hair (something Elnett can be a little guilty of).  The other great positive is that like the surf spray it brushes out so easily which works great when you're curling your hair and you want to brush your curls out.  

Any more Bumble and Bumble products you guys can recommend me?

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  1. I adore the surf spray. I got a little sample in a subscription box and I can't wait to buy myself a big bottle!!

  2. I love 'Straight!', it leaves my hair feeling so smooth and soft, although I have to agree it gives too much of a clean look, so I reach for the thickening spray when I want more oomph! I will have to try the surf spray though, sounds great!x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  3. Yay! I've been desperate to try the surf spray for years but didn't want to spend £20 to find I didn't like it so this is perfect!

  4. Amazing outfit, loving your style!

    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo


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