Monday, 7 April 2014

Keeping It Together

I'm trying to take my own advice and I'm realising how hard it is.  I wrote a post about stress management a few weeks ago which has now left me feeling like the worst sort of hypocrite. 

Recently my mind is doing that long mental list which just ends up making me feel sick to my stomach. The reason for this sudden onslaught of nerves and anxiousness is that my letting agency sent me a note asking me if I'm moving out of my property in two months or if I'm staying.  Two months doesn't feel like it's so far away all of a sudden it's becoming abundantly clear how much I want/need to accomplish before those two months are up.  I want to have passed my exams, found a job in Cardiff and a new flat by then.  It seems like an unconquerable mountain. I've always has a plan, and known what I'm going to be doing come September.  This is the first time that I haven't got a clue where my life is headed and I hate it.  I should probably shake that feeling and just embrace the unknown but I'm just not that kind of person.  I've learnt that life will do what life will, for all your planning it's still going to throw a spanner in the works and take you down unexpected roads but for once in my life I don't even have a plan that life can turn on its head.  My parents keep telling me to enjoy this part of my life and that I will miss this excitement when I'm working 9-5 with only 21 days of holiday a year (having been in full time education since 2009 this actually seems criminal to me).  I know they're right as parents so often are but they have the gift of hindsight and I'm probably not the first person who sometimes has a hard time believing their parents.

But taking on a proverb that I've heard over and over in my life: "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammed must go to the mountain."  Plus with a good old pinch of Liz I'm going to stop stressing about things that I have no control over.  I can only take it a day at a time.  I'm going to stop letting life dance in front of me whilst it waits for me to catch up.  I'm going to grab life by the balls, get done what needs to get done and by the end of it I'm pouring myself a long stiff drink.

Once my research proposal is handed in then I only have to revise for my May exams and then all that stands in the way of my final ever year in higher education (I'm so done with university) is a 20,000 word dissertation.

In the mean time I'm going to start doing my work with a big slap of red lipstick on and a glass of wine.  As Ernest Hemingway was supposed to have said: "Write drunk, edit sober".

How do you guys cope with stressful times? Any tips you can share with me?

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  1. "21 days of holiday a year" As a full time worker, this is is really what fucks my life up the most!
    Wine will definitely be a soothing factor, hopefully. Drink it daily and your heart won't complain! I didn't go to University but I understand what it is to have deadlines, utterly stressful moments and fuckloads of pressure... Just think that it's temporary. After all this, you'll be free and have a degree. I mean, how cool is that? :) best wishes!

  2. I left university about 4 years ago now (ouch) and it still makes me feel a little lost when another September rolls around and I have no reason to mark it as an occasion (eg. the start of a new term/new year!). So I understand how you feel in that respect. Nowadays, I deal with stress by taking time out for myself no matter how busy I am. It's hard when you know you've got so much to do, but I always end up being more productive once I've said "fuck it" and had a little rest - even if it's just for one hour or so! And maybe make plans for the evening, so you can work all day and have something to look forward to once you're done.
    Good luck and just remember it won't be forever :)
    Coco x


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