Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Uniquely You with ModCloth

Bag | Dress | Swimsuit | Earrings | Sunglasses | Sandals (all available on ModCloth)

When I first started blogging I never expected that one day an e-mail would land in my inbox that would make me squeal with excitement but when the lovely Amy from ModCloth emailed me to join up with ModCloth to celebrate 'Uniquely You' I couldn't help but squeak with excitement.  ModCloth is a website I've loved for YEARS.  

So when Amy emailed me asking to create a story board about an item from the ModCloth website who was I to resist?

Bikinis always reminds me of warmer days spent on the beach in Oman with my family.  For the story board I thought I'd do for something a little but more fancy than I would normally be.  This is more 'you're going to brunch at a fancy hotel and going for a cooling dip in the sea afterwards' kind of look.  The kind of place I'd be wearing this to is the Shangri-La Bar Al Jissah Resort and Spa which I was lucky enough to stay at back in April 2012 (you can read all about there HERE).  When I stayed there with my family my mum and I pretended to be famous celebrities.  These kinds of dresses are prefect to throw over swim wear so you can be covered up when you're out and about but it's easy to slip back out of it into the sun.  I've really got to praise ModCloth and their swimwear range, it's a perfect mix of vintage and sexy without being too out there! I love high waisted bikini bottoms because I'm super self conscious about my stomach so there's something out there for everyone!

Talking about bikinis makes me crave burning hot sun and crisp white sands! My parents gave me some exciting news last weekend so I'll be sharing that with you soon!

More soon!

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  1. Great picks - that bag is so pretty! :)


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