Monday, 14 April 2014

Nina Eats - Pieminister

I have never eaten a pie.  

The reactions this statement gets vary from puzzled looks to "Oh my god how???".  I have eaten pie before, but only ever at school when they doled out squares of stale pastry with a layer of chew meat underneath.  Not a favourite, more like food trauma.  Another person who couldn't come to grips with my pie-less existence was my boyfriend (he's from Devon where I hear pies and pasties are compulsory?) so once we heard that the Bristol institution Pieminister was coming to Cardiff it shot to the top of our food list.  Seeing as I'm basically adopted British it only seems fair to give it a go.

It's only been open a few weeks (you can still smell the fresh paint) and it has been HEAVING every time I've walked past.  We were there quite early but most tables were either taken or reserved so we were seated downstairs.  Being a pie noob I stuck to something classic and went with the Moo & Blue - beef and stilton cheese plus two sides (mac and cheese and crispy fries). Any pie plus two sides is only £8 which seems ridiculously cheap.

A word of warning, don't order the mac and cheese.  I should have known better but couldn't help myself.  It was very bland and clearly microwaved.  Pass.  The pie saved it of course. Flakey crisp pastry but still soft on the inside with the perfect meat to pastry ratio.  Sadly I didn't really get that much of the stilton taste in the pie but that might be because I emptied my entire gravy boat onto my pie.  I was concerned that two sides plus a pie would be overkill but there wasn't a scrap left our plates. Definitely come here on an empty stomach!

For my next visit (already planning this!) I want to try The Mothership which is any pie with mash, mushy peas, gravy, grated cheddar and crispy shallots (clocking in at only £9!). Quintessentially British.  For those not disposed towards pies, or wary of the calorie count they also do a range of 'lighter pies' such as feta, butternut squash and sundried tomatoes.  Sounds delicious!

If you're looking for quick and hearty food this should be your first stop.

More soon!

Price: ££
35 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1AD
Telephone: 029 2000 4155
Opening times: Monday to Wednesday – 9am to 10pm 
Thursday to Saturday – 9am to 11pm 
Sunday – 11am to 9pm

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  1. I could eat pies all day long! What a shame about the mac and cheese!

  2. The pie looks delicious... and quite... nourishing, may I add! Ahah!^^ I wouldn't go for the mac and cheese in a place with pies like that one...

  3. WOW I can't believe you hadn't eaten a pie before, haha. I live for steak pie + mash, mushy peas and gravy. This place looks awesome!

  4. I love blog posts about food and restaurants! This pie looks so amazingly delicious x

  5. I am also a pie virgin, never eaten one whilst out! I have been told lots about this place but didn't realise it came from Bristol. I will have to check it out at those prices!

  6. I'm definitely going to have to take hubby here, he loves pies! The mothership sounds right up our street :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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