Thursday, 3 April 2014

Smock dress Sundays

ASOS cat smock dress
Dress: ASOS
Jacket: Vintage (from the Kilo Store in Paris)
Necklace: Stylight*
Boots: Acute - Topshop
Bag: Longchamp
Glasses: Ray Ban
Lips: Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive

Is this smock dress flattering? Probably not.  Is it fun to wear? OF COURSE! I get some great funny looks whenever I wear this dress out and about.  People either love it, hate it or don't get it which is quite funny.  ASOS do a bulldog version of this dress but it's pretty much sold out. The minute this dress came out back in September I knew I had to get my little paws on it straightaway and it's been a wardrobe staple ever since.

My little I <3 Wentworth pin is from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.  Captain Wentworth is probably my favourite Jane Austen hero, he's featured in Persuasion which is also Austen's best book (in my opinion).  If you're looking for a classic read over the Easter break then I recommend this!

This dress is of course not the most flattering thing to wear but short of my cat onesie (you spotting the theme here?) this is the more comfortable thing in my wardrobe.  It's great for days where you just want to be comfortable and Sundays are just the day for that.  I wore this for a trip to the cinema to see 300: Rise of an Empire (6/10 visually amazing but not as good as the first film lots of hunky men though so that's a plus), it's not socially acceptable to wear pyjamas out the house so for maximum comfort in the cinema this was the next best option.

My boyfriend has been taking my outfit pictures for me recently, he's been doing a pretty good job so far hasn't he? This weather and sunshine has made it so much easier taking pictures outside and now that we're back to British Summer Time officially I can rope my poor boy into taking photos more often! Hurray!

I officially have no more university to attend and just have to revise for my exams in May. Getting myself motivated to revise is going to be hard but it's one final push before I can start my dissertation. Wish me luck!


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  1. Lovely outfit! That badge is amazing - I am tempted to buy a 'I love Knightley' as he is my favourite of all the Austen males! :)

  2. Everyone loves a good cat dress! Persuasion is my favourite Austen book too! Good luck with your revision :)
    Rhiannon xx


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