Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Turning 23

So I celebrated my 23rd birthday last Tuesday.  Birthdays don't really excite me I'm either away from my family or away from my friends.  This year I was in Cardiff and was quite looking forward to a birthday surprise that my boyfriend had planned but on Sunday evening we both came down with a gross food poisoning bug.  I spent all of Monday lying on the sofa in the foetus position feeling sorry for myself.  I rattled myself into some semblance of shape because as it turns out my boyfriend got us AMAZING seats to go and see Wicked at the Millennium Centre.

It was an amazing show, it was worth dragging ourselves out of the house for.  I've never seen anything like it, the sets were amazing and the singing was out of this world.  Emily Tierney was an amazing Glinda I had goosebumps throughout so many songs.  Wicked is doing a UK/Ireland tour at the moment so if you have time to go and see it you really need to.  Wicked is in the Wales Millennium Centre until 26th of April so you Wales lot need to get down here!

On my actual birthday we were vaguely back to normal.  We spent some time in town whilst I treated myself to some gifts (Disney films and make up how very grown up!).  I already owned this NARS lipstick but my nail glue exploded over it when I was travelling which was devastating so I finally got round to repurchasing it.  Before the catastrophe it was my favourite colour and I wore it non stop.  A full review to come shortly.

The rest of my birthday was a light dinner at ASK, it was the first time either of us really tried eating anything and pasta is really the food of the gods.  Once we got home we just chilled out and watched films (Looper and Argo - both really good but Argo was superior) it was all nice and relaxed.  Just how I like it. 

All in all it was such a lovely day but hopefully turning 24 next year will involve no food poisoning! 

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  1. I'm so glad you made it to Wicked! I love that show SO much. Hope all is well with you this week dear Nina!

  2. Nice pictures!! :) I love pasta urhdfkjdh yumm


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