Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Life on reflection

All my life I have been a worrier.  This time last year I was worrying if I would even pass my undergrad and graduate.  Then I worried about getting onto my masters course.  Fast forward to 2014 I have spent the past few weeks worrying about my exam results, worrying if I would pass, worrying about not finding a job, worrying about having to write my dissertation over winter rather than summer.  You see I'm a worrier.

However, life has a strange way of working out.  When I compare my life to this time last year I am blown away by how much better it is.  Everything has changed, from my personal life to my academic life.  It's all been a bit of a gamble and involved having to dig out my inner Destiny's Child.  

It has been an extremely testing 365 days, from a relationship break down to starting my masters in which I have been performing better than my undergraduate this entire year has been a life changer.  I've had to trust my instincts and just go with it.  I signed for my new flat in May not knowing whether I would find a job in Cardiff, let alone one that was related to my masters.  But like I said life has a strange way of sorting itself out.  Now I'm in a shiny new flat, I've passed all my exams, I am starting part time at my job this week whilst writing my dissertation and my personal life has never been better.  Apart from some confidence issues linked to my body but that's nothing some visits to the gym can't fix.

What I'm trying to say is that even when it feels like life is going against you and it's all going wrong, you have to stick it out.  Get yourself together, let your inner Destiny's Child out and keep on ploughing ahead.  It's amazing what you can accomplish when you set your minds to it.

I am planning on graduating in 2015 with a merit in my masters having completed a year at my new job.  I've had an amazing support network around me which is making this dream seem very accessible but I think a lot of it comes down to myself.  I'm not a quitter even though sometimes it's felt easier to wallow in self pity and not bother.  I've been told by a friend that in life we need struggles to get ahead, and it's years like this that show me how far I can come and how amazing change can be.  I can't believe how different my mind set is now compared to last June.  

I know my positivity might not last for very long once my job and dissertation routine kicks into full swing, so it will be good to have this post to look back on to remember that struggles are not endless and that it does get better.

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  1. I'm pleased that everything is working out for you :) Thank you for writing and sharing this post - we all need a reminder sometimes that life does get better and often in the most unexpected ways x

  2. Sounds like you're doing brilliantly :) sometimes life doesn't turn out how we expected or planned but everything really does happen for a reason and it sounds as though things are going great for you at the moment! Good luck with your dissertation and job!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. I am so happy to hear that things have worked out for you, us women can't help but worry can we? Things have a way of just falling into the exact place that we want them to, eventually! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  4. I'm so pleased that everything has worked out for you. I'm a firm believer that things do work out eventually as long as you keep going. Such a nice post.

  5. Loved reading this. Crazy how much I can relate with how much you worry but things tend to work out with a little hard work and determination.

    I'm currently having one of those days where I wallow in self pity so it was refreshing to read this and (hopefully) help me plough through it.

    Hope things continue to go well for you. You really deserve it! x


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