Thursday, 19 June 2014

The long and short of it

Jumper: vintage Dorothy Perkins. Necklace: Louche at JOY. Lips: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in YU

Growing up my mum always had my hair cut into a bob and it wasn't until I put my foot down when I was 12 that I started growing my hair long.  From that point on all I wanted was long flowing hair and if the hairdresser ever chopped off more than the '1 and a half inch trim' I would cry and be inconsolable.  Long hair was everything to me and I never thought I would cut it short every again.  Jump to March last year and I went for a drastic change: from past boob length hair to collar bone.  It felt liberating and freeing. 

I haven't regretted it one bit, and I've been patiently growing my fringe out since December, so last Friday I thought it was time to get my hair restyled a little as there really was no shape to it whatsoever. I asked for my old fringe to be more blended in with the rest of my hair and for some more layers.  Also I went for a slightly graduating cut (IE it's shorter in the back and gets longer in the front) but this was mainly to add some shape and bounce.  My hair is naturally slightly wavy which makes this cut perfect.  The hairdresser wanted to blow dry it straight but something about hairdresser straight hair makes me cringe.  Shorter cuts need volume and a bit of grit I think so once I got home I was straight on the texturising spray ( my spray of choice is the V05 Give Me Texture) and the sea salt spray (Bumble and Bumble).

Again I'm just so in love with it.  It's fuss free.  I wash my hair two or three times a week and don't use any heat on it whatsoever.  I can still put this up and will probably be able to managed a top knot with some intense back combing.

If you're thinking of going for the chop I would really recommend it.  Not only does going short mean you can start over with taking good care of your hair and making it as healthy as possible but it's great to try new things.  At the end of the day it's just hair, if you don't like it it'll grow. I for one don't see myself going back to spending hours blow drying and styling my long hair.  I think I'm firmly in the 'long bob' category.

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  1. Ooh it looks lovely, totally suits you! That texture too! I've recently gone from waist length hair to collar bone length and I agree with the freeing feeling, it's so much more manageable now too, I just struggle to get any texture with my hair. I think this may be the right time to purchase that Bumble and Bumble sea salt spray! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  2. It looks so lovely! Also your jumper is really pretty. I was the same - I always had to have my hair short when I was younger. :)

  3. Oooh your hair looks lovely like that! I love having long hair so much but I'm going through a real phase to want to do something different at the moment and have been contemplating something similar to yours... just not sure I'm brave enough!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x


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