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10 Reasons to Love The Diff | Reason 2: Eating Out

New York Deli Cardiff

There are three things I especially love in life: gin, tea and good food. As it so happens there is plenty of this in Cardiff. I've got the gin bit covered in another reason to love Cardiff, but food in Cardiff deserves it's own blog post.  In fact, Cardiff is so good with food that I even have a whole series dedicated to it.  You can read up on some of my food experiences HERE.

When I arrived in Cardiff in 2009 the food scene wasn't even really up and coming, but then I came back from my year abroad and BOOM there were so many places to explore. In Cardiff there really is something for everyone and probably not a week goes by that I don't eat out somewhere exciting.

The Potted Pig Cardiff
The Meating Place Cardiff
Pieminister Cardiff
The Grazing Shed Cardiff

For those of you looking for hearty, British inspired food I can fully recommend Pieminister and two of Cardiff's best: The Potted Pig or The Meating Place, who are all part of the Chameleon Group so that might explain why the taste levels (both in terms of food and decor) are so high. If you want a table for either of these places in the evening make sure you book because they are always packed.  For those of you with a penchant for burgers look no further than The Grazing Shed where everything from the bun to the vegetables is locally sourced.  An honorary mention also goes to The Gutsy Goose who do a bit of everything: breakfast, lunch and dinner with seasonal flair.  For those who love to tackle huge portions of America at it's best you must head to New York Deli (you can read all about that adventure here).

Barker Tea House Cardiff
Coffee Barker Cardiff

Stag Coffee Cardiff
Stag Coffee Cardiff
Tucker Cardiff

If you fancy taking a step back and relaxing in a coffee shop with some great cake and actually good coffee then Cardiff has plenty to offer too.  The two that spring to mind first are Coffee Barker and Barker Tea House.  Coffee Barker came first and it was doing so well the owners thought Cardiff needed a good tea room and they weren't wrong.  The perfect ambiance teamed with an overwhelming choice of teas and great selection of afternoon tea makes Barker Tea House unmissable.

Another place not to miss is The Plan (8-29 Morgan Arcade) who have been rated as on the of top 50 cafes in the country by The Independent.  The owner is an exceptional barista and has come up tops in many barista competitions.  Good coffee is hard to find in Cardiff so if that's what you're hankering for then head here straight away.  Breakfasts here are also highly recommended by me.

Some honourable mentions to two of my favourite student haunts must go to: Stag Coffee and Tucker.  If you want a change of scenery and you're willing venture into Cathays and look past the takeaways and chip shops you'll find some little unique gems.  Well worth a visit on a Saturday or Sunday for breakfast.

Whilst Cardiff may not be as impressive in size compared to London I certainly think that Cardiff packs a big punch when it comes to restaurants and new food places.  This is just merely skimming the top on what is slowly becoming a very impressive and varied food scene.  I still have so many places left to investigate and would love to hear some of your recommendations!

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  1. So glad you're writing about Cardiff! I have heard so many great things about it I'm dying to take a little trip there this summer! Could you recommend anywhere (very very) cheap to stay? I'm only a poor student but really want a chance to go soon :) my twitter is AmberLove146 if you have a chance to answer i'd really appreciate it :) xo

    amber love

  2. Ooh wow, you're making me crave all of the food! It looks so tasty, will definitely consider a visit to Cardiff in the future and will definitely make use of these posts when the time comes! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  3. This all looks so delicious. Cardiff is definitely on my travel list!

  4. looks like wonderful eats! wish I was sat in front of a big piece of red velvet cake right now!

  5. I have been hearing more and more about Cardiff's food scene, clearly I need to come and visit to experience it for myself! Thank you for sharing some really fab recommendations! :) xx

  6. Such an awesome post, you have pretty much covered it! Lol. I live in Pembrokeshire but my mum and boyfriend live in Cardiff do I'm there most of the time. I hope to move there permanently soon :) my bf loves the potted pig!! Lol xx new follower here xx


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