Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Things Nina did: Cardiff food festival

The day that my boyfriend and I went to the Cardiff food festival in the bay will now forever be the day that Germany won the World Cup.  I cried.  I'm still not over it.  Anyway, food.  I love Cardiff and I love food so when those two things come together happy days.  My boyfriend and I joined what felt like thousands of people in the sun to get a taste of all things local.

There was a huge variety of food.  From frozen yoghurt (incredible) to elderflower champagne (now chilling in my fridge) to all sorts of different types of cuisine.  We walked around the whole area to get an idea of where we wanted to get food from.  Along the way we picked up some Welsh brownies and I tasted some wine from Cardiff's German twin city - Stuttgart.  No too bad but not as good as wine from W├╝rzburg but I would be biased wouldn't I?  My boyfriend settled for Indian food whilst I decided to step out of my comfort zone and eat seafood.

Now anyone who knows me knows how monumental that decision was.  I hate eating fish and I've only tried scallops once and that was average.  However on this day people were walking around with plates of lobster and it looked and smelt amazing so I thought why not. We queued for ages and once I forked out my £12.50 (which is probably quite cheap really) I got the last lobster of the day.  Smug was an understatement.  Apprehensively we sat down and thankfully they'd sorted out all the claw cracking for me because as a lobster rookie I was not looking forward to that.  My boyfriend wasn't a fan but I actually quite liked it.  The meat was very sweet and because they grilled it and because I drowned it in lemon juice it doesn't taste so much of sea (which I know is the point with seafood but I just can't bare it).  The lemon mayo on the side was a lovely thoughtful addition too.  It's not something I'd eat all the time but it was a decadent little taster that has propped open that seafood door just a tiny bit for me.

It really was another wonderful food affair, it's so great to see the amazing local produce and food that comes out of Wales.  I'm already looking forward to the farmers market in Cardiff Castle in September!

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  1. I went to Cardiff at the first of this year and i loved it! :)
    great pictures!

  2. This looks like such an amazing day out - I am practically drooling at that frozen yoghurt stand.


    p.s. you definitely know how to rock a coloured lip!

  3. Aw this looks like such a cute festival and that lobster looks amaaaaaazing!

  4. oh my gosh this looks absolutely amazing! take me with you next time?? :D

  5. Haha I love the last photo. I've never tried lobster! I'm a bit wary with seafood as well (I only really eat fish in the form of fish and chips...).

  6. I am so envious right now...! yummm


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