Monday, 25 August 2014

Things Nina Did - Waterloo Gardens Fete

Last weekend whilst we still had some sunshine, WGP and myself headed off to the Waterloo Gardens Fete.  I moved house in June and for the foreseeable future Cardiff is going to be my home.  I've lived in a different house ever since I came to university in 2009 so it's an amazing feeling knowing I'm settled and that I can just start living my life.  For me it's important to support the community and area I live in.  Cardiff has some absolutely gorgeous areas and Penylan is really one of my favourites.  

The Waterloo Gardens Fete has been going for quite a few years now but I somehow missed it last year.  It's all organised locally, from the people who paint the signs to the live music and food stalls.  It's amazing seeing people with all sorts of different skills coming together.

Waterloo Gardens is a lovely park which I had never actually been to, despite being a lover of the tea house located right next to it.  It was very busy when we went, full of kids and dogs which was fun to see and play 'spot your future dog'.

WGP and I had a walk around and checked out all the stalls.  There really was everything you could think of.  The local beauty and hairdressers salon had a stall offering massages and mini manicures, there was a jumble sale and Got Beef were also there.  I've heard good things about their burgers but the queue was massive and I had my eye on Portuguese pastries the whole time.  From the very start we knew we had to go to Nata & Co, I've mentioned this amazing place before.  It's a fantastic Portuguese bakery in Splott and they do the best pastries with custard.  Basically two things I love in life.  I spent and ate more than I should but life is really too short to worry about things like that right?  It was 4 mini pastries for £1.50 so who was I to resist?

We also couldn't resist the Pimms stall.  All in all a very British affair.  Why I was dressed like a Parisian I don't know.  

I'm still in the throes of my dissertation. I am so desperate to finish it you have no idea.  My life revolves around going to work, coming home to do my dissertation and sleep.  Repeat. The highlight of my week has been taking my knitwear out of its summer storage.  I need my life back.  Keep me in your thoughts!

More soon

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  1. Ooh I love little fetes like this, where I can just make a food circuit and eat a lot. 4 pastries, you have the right idea! Good luck with the dissertation :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! ;A; I love the photos you took and your outfit is very nice~ c:
    ~Kiyomi xx

  3. Looks like a fab time! as does that yummy drink you're holding!



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