Saturday, 25 October 2014

Romance & Love For Beginners: Tinder

I have joined Tinder. All for the sake of research for this series of course.

The way we humans find new ways of communicating never ceases to amaze me. Even I as a baby of the internet boom find it overwhelming that we are flooded with apps that help us communicate and date. I have actually joined an internet dating site in the past as a joke and the relationship that sprang out of that was pretty good (at least I would say that, you might want to double check with him though). So buoyed by a sense of optimism that the last venture into virtual dating went so well I pressed download on the iTunes store to see what all the fuss was about.

If anyone has actually come out of Tinder with a serious and well functioning relationship please let me know because so far, as was to be expected, Tinder has done little to inspire confidence in the opposite gender.

What I have seen on Tinder so far:
  • Men in vests. So many vests.
  • The same hair cuts (shorn on the bottom, long comb over on top).
  • Questionable tattoos.
  • Pseudo famous rugby/football/hockey/sports players.
  • Men in vests at a Fullmoon Party in Thailand.
  • Gym 'selfies'.
  • Men with tigers.
  • Beards. Lots of bears.
  • Terrible grammar use.
  • Calls to add Harry/James/Bob on Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter
  • Over use of the winky face.

Aside from this issue, the first difficulty of Tinder is trying to write up a profile description. I struggled to make myself sound appealing. How much information is too much information and what kind of stuff should you say about yourself? My 'honest to God' profile would be:
23 year old German who prefers to stay in with Netflix and food to 'clubbing'. Dreams of being a cat lady. Owns a life-size cut out of Queen Elizabeth II and lots of ugly knitwear.
I realise that that makes me sound undateable. I am going to die alone (with my cats and Liz II).

My actual Tinder profile:
German, 4ft11. Food and gin enthusiast.
Short and sweet. Covers the bare essentials but also shows my favourite things. I also sound boring (which I probably am).

The conversations that I have with my 'matches' can only really be described as painful. That's keeping in line with the real life dating world where first encounters are equally awkward. Only this has more emojis.  I have successfully dodged a NSFW picture and after the initial discussions of the merits of gin the conversation peters to silence. This is not my arena but I amuse myself by spending the X Factor advert breaks swiping through the men on Tinder, wondering why it is that some men have better eyebrows than me and hoping that deep v-necked vests go out of fashion soon.

As far as I'm concerned Tinder is not the place for love or romance, keep your expectations low or just give Tinder a wide berth.

Have you got any Tinder stories to share?

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  1. I know s few people that have met their boyfriends from tinder, I met my boyfriend through it. It is really hit or miss but I think I got a hit from it :)

  2. I met my boyfriend on Tinder and he's one in a million! ^_^ x

  3. Haha I'm on Tinder as well but the conversations are always really half-hearted. Some of my friends have had better luck though. In addition to tigers, holding dead fish seems to be a thing (??) and every second guy here has a bio along the lines of "English lad, travelling Australia, living the dream" with a surfing emoji.

  4. This is probably one of my favourite blog posts I've read in a long time. You hit the nail on the head. Where did men like these actually come from?! I've had a fair share of VILE messages sent to me (sexually vile I mean, not nasty) but when did it become acceptable for this to even happen in society? I don't think 95% of these men would dare to say the awfully rude things to a strangers face. It's such a hilarious concept and it does keep me amused but it just reiterates my lack of hope for the male population!
    Lou Barker xo

  5. Absolutely love this post! Tinder is such an eye opener! I also did a post a few weeks back on my Tinder experiences -

    I have since then, deleted Tinder off my iPhone... Too many vests as you said... Way too many!!
    Hannah x


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