Sunday, 12 October 2014

Things Nina Did - Bath

In Europe we have the privilege of being able to country hop so easily. This Saturday WGP, Mother WGP and myself popped over the border into England and went for a little day trip to Bath. I love Cardiff with all my heart but sometimes it's good to get out of town and go somewhere else to see different people and soak up a different atmosphere. Bath feels a bit more chic and pretty than Cardiff (I still love you Cardiff).

Bath is incredibly beautiful as all buildings are made from the same stone. Tourists love to come for the tenuous connection to Jane Austen, to visit the Abbey and the Roman Baths. I've done all the touristy things with my Mum so this was a great opportunity to just stroll around Bath, check out the shops and just soak in the atmosphere.

Bath is full of interesting shops and yummy places to eat, we've complied a list of places we want to go back to and visit. Bath is the kind of town I would love to live in and I'm so jealous of my friends who have gone to university there. From Cardiff it's a quick journey and from elsewhere in the country it's an easy train trip. I recommend coming early though it gets very busy during the day and we saw people queuing for ages to get into the Roman Baths.

We've made plans to come back at Christmas for the Christmas Markets, these have a lot to live up to, I am German and we take Christmas markets very seriously. I'm already excited to come back, mainly because I have my eye on the Gin Bar it really sounds like my kind of place to go. 

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  1. I adore Bath. It really is such a beautiful city and I can't help but feel a little bit more sophisticated whenever I visit (if that makes any sense!) As a side note, I love the colour of your hair. It's very autumnal!

  2. I've never been to bath or seen many pictures of the town, so this post really showed me how lovely it is! I now really want to go haha!

  3. Bath looks like such a pretty town! I haven't been able to visit it yet but it's not my list for my next UK trip.

    NOBODY does Christmas markets like Germans do, as I learned last December haha.

  4. I love Bath! I went for the first time a year ago and completely fell in love. It's such a romantic city with so much history and culture! Your pictures are beautiful, especially the first one - autumn in Bath! Must have been amazing! Might have to copy you and head to Bath at Christmas too!


  5. Bath looks beautiful. I'd love to visit but living in Scotland it's not so easy to get too - if there are ever any deals on tickets though, I could definitely be tempted by the Christmas markets!


  6. I spend a fair bit of time in Bath these days as both my besties moved there, it is a lovely city. And I am loving your coat, that fur collar is amazing!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  7. I am WPG's auntie, I used to live in Bath - your photos are lovely. WPG used to visit me there - we had all of the fun x Gilly


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