Thursday, 22 January 2015

Nina Eats - Penylan Pantry

As I've said previously, there are very few things in this world worth getting up early for. But brunch with my favourite ladies is certainly one of them. Hopefully this is the start of more fabulous breakfast clubs. Keen not to have to go too far we settled down into Penylan Pantry which is pretty much local to all of us. 

Penylan Pantry is a foodie's dream specifically if you're into seasonal and local produce. Bonus if you're super into healthy eating and fair trade produce. If you've read my blog for a while you'll know I'm very passionate about supporting Welsh produce and it's great to see another independent doing that.

I of course ate far too much and am paying for my cheese sins since joining a gym (I'm in so much pain). Having scouted the menu and seen the tasty treats on offer I thought I'd start off 'light' and go for the avocado on toast (£4.50). It could have done with a squeeze more of lemon but otherwise it was perfect. Served on a gloriously thick chunk of bread and with chilli salt on the side, it was definitely a good start to the morning. We shared a cafetiere (£2) and gossiped away. Hanging out with the girls always leaves me with a sore belly from laughing so much. 

You can get a cheeseboard for a fairly decent price of £8.50, but the one WGP and me is for two people so if you were to order on for yourself you'd get a little bit less. I let WGP as the Welsh princess choose our cheeses and she did a good job. I'm obsessed with Perl Las cheese (a blue cheese, I do love a smelly cheese), so of course that was slathered onto the fresh bread.

The ladies at the Penylan Pantry are all very helpful and it's worth a visit. If only for a cup of tea in the lovely surroundings. I'm sure the ladies and me will be back soon.

Penylan Pantry, 72 Kimberly Road, CF23 5DN
Price: ££½ 

Opening hours: 

Tues - Sat:

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