Friday, 13 February 2015

Two Finger Drinks ✌️

So it's not every day that a bar and bartender pop up in your living room. However, with 2 Finger Drinks all of this is a possibility. On Saturday in post Six Nations Welsh rugby mourning WGP, Jade, Sophie and me were treated to some fabulous gin cocktails. The concept of 2 Finger Drinks is pretty simple. You get to choose the three cocktails that you want to have made and you either pay £10 a head and buy the ingredients for the cocktails, or it's £20 a head and Tim brings all the booze and extras to your house. Simples.

As we are all big gin lovers the decision was an easy one: ALL THE GIN. WGP brought the good, Sophie the salted caramel brownies (don't tell my personal trainer), Jade brought the snacks and animal facts (did you know that snakes can climb trees and don't have nipples? Neither did we...) and I provided the house. My father was sceptical that a bar would fit in my flat but tada! It did!

La Boheme - gin, elderflower, pomegranate 

Right off the bat we al loved La Boheme, gin with elderflower is always a winner in my books but when you add pomegranate to the mix it's even better. Served in very elegant martini glasses these went down a treat (a little too easily if you're Jade).

Brambellini - gin, elderflower, lemon

Up next was the Brambellini, again with the elderflower we were all a happy bunch. To me this felt like the alcoholic version of a sherbet lemon. Drinks served in small glasses are always deceiving me into thinking I'm not drinking a lot. The nearly empty bottle of gin said otherwise. 

Peach Melba Collins - gin, schnapps, raspberry and peach

Quite frankly it gets a little hazy around about the Peach Melba Collins. This was my favourite followed by La Boheme. The raspberry and the peach with the gin and schnapps was just perfect and look how beautiful it looks! Honestly, I lost track of how many drinks Tim shook up for us. He said they were hangover free but judging by the pained faces at breakfast the next day he wasn't really telling the truth.

This was probably one of the most fun evenings I've had in a long time. My stomach was hurting from laughing so much and I think at one point we were all crying with laughter. These girls are so fab and bring so much fun and laughter into my life it's funny that we've only been friends for such a short time. I hope we didn't frighten Tim too much!

If you're looking for a party that's a bit different and let's you party from the comfort of your own home then 2 Finger Drinks are the guys for you. I can't speak highly enough about the whole evening. Tim also presented us with a cocktail making set and recipes for martinis. I haven't braved them yet but I'm thinking I need to have another house party soon.

Many thanks for 2 Finger Drinks for such a fun evening! We're all already planning an excuse for more cocktails soon.

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  1. This is such a cool ideas! Could totally drink one of those cocktails now!


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